NW Multigun Challenge Will Use Crimson Trace Lights And IR Lasers In Competition

This sounds interesting – a 3-gun competition using a dark house and night vision goggles along with Crimson Trace IR lasers.

Crimson Trace continues its support of the competitive shooting sports this summer, donating prizes, guns and ammo to several prestigious events as part of its drive to promote personal security with the advent of the lightweight, slim, Lightguard™ platform. Latest in the long line of matches is the NW Multigun Challenge, July 9&10 in Albany, OR where the company will be building a dark shoot house. Competitors will test their skills, engaging multiple targets using both white light from the company’s innovative Lightguard™ handgun-mounted lights, as well as carbine-mounted IR lasers in conjunction with night vision equipment.

“This is a unique opportunity to shoot in both low light and no light scenarios and to my knowledge, no one has ever attempted it at a major 3 gun match.” Said Kent Thomas, Director of Marketing for Crimson Trace. “The new Lightguard was developed specifically for target engagement in across-the-room situations and our MVF-600 IR laser is currently in the hands of US Special Forces troops, so shooters will have the best tools available in the match.”

Crimson Trace has a 15 year history of serving its customers with the best of US-made defensive tools, first with the award-winning Lasergrip™ instinctively activated laser sight and now with the Lightguard 100 lumen white light for Glock, S&W and Springfield handguns.

The picture below shows the Lightguard for the S&W M&P, the Glock, and the XD.