“Stunning Report” Expected To Be Released Today By House Oversight Committee

FoxNews is reporting that the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is expected to release a report today on Project Gunwalker. I don’t find anything on the Committee’s website yet but will post it when it is available.

Watch the latest video at <a href=”http://video.foxnews.com”>video.foxnews.com</a>

UPDATE: The report is still not available. However, Mike Vanderboegh cites a Wall Street Journal article by Evan Perez who has seen the report. Go to Sipsey Street Irregulars to read the WSJ article as it has disappeared from the Journal’s website. Here is an excerpt.

ATF agents interviewed by congressional investigators described supervisors trying to tamp down agents’ misgivings about the strategy to allow the weapons purchases.

Larry Alt, an ATF agent, told investigators agents opposed the weapons sales as early as December 2009 and wanted to arrest straw purchasers, who are paid to buy guns for others. Mr. Alt said he agreed with a fellow agent who expressed the view that “someone was going to die.”

Supervisors responded by saying the operation was “sanctioned” by higher-ups. They also cited Mexico’s surging drug violence—187 murders in Sinaloa state in one month— as reason for the strategy.

“I believe we are righteous in our plan to dismantle this entire [trafficking] organization and to rush in to arrest any one person without taking into account the entire scope of the conspiracy would be ill advised. …,” wrote David Voth, an ATF supervisor who was leading Fast and Furious, to fellow agents in an April 2010 email cited in the 51-page report scheduled to be released Wednesday.

UPDATE II: If you are looking for the report from the Oversight Committee, I have it as the top post in the blog and will try to keep it at the top throughout the day. You can also just click the link above.