The Ultimate Texas Gunnie Shirt

If you are a gunnie living in Texas and you like to wear Aloha shirts (aka Hawaiian shirts) for concealed carry, have I found a shirt for you. A company named Tropically Yours out of Willis, Texas has designed the ultimate gunnie shirt that they call the Texas Tropical Shirt which can be had with the Gozales Flag on the back.


Now for the cost. Bearing in mind that this is a hand-sewn, custom-made shirt which can’t be found elsewhere and that it is “art”, you shouldn’t be too surprised that it isn’t cheap. The price for the shirt in regular sizes is $145 and $5 extra for XXL and up.

I don’t want to take anything away from Tropically Yours but the Complementary Spouse assures me that anyone who sews (or has a spouse that does) could make something similar for a lot less. Just sayin’…