Concealed Carry For Me But Not For Thee?

Why is it that some elected officials and senior bureaucrats believe their need for protection is superior to that of the ordinary citizen?

A case in point. The Town of Willard (Missouri) Board of Alderman is set to vote July 11th on an ordinance that would allow the mayor, alderman, town department heads, and other specified town employees to carry on town property so long as they had a Missouri concealed carry permit. Williard is located just outside of Springfield. The complete list includes:

In addition to the mayor and council members, a bill up for vote on July 11 at Willard City Council would allow the following people to carry concealed weapons on city property: the city attorney, a city administrator, the chief financial officer, the city clerk, the emergency management director, the municipal court clerk, the parks and recreation director, the public works director, the director of development.

The Mayor of Willard Tom Keltner says “We’ve had threats”. Pushed to be specific, he said while he’d heard of other threats he referred to one where a man had requested the Board’s agenda back in April.

According to Police Chief Tom McClain, a city staff person reported that a resident came in April 25 asking for a city council agenda and suggesting he wanted to start trouble.

The staff member asked “Are you going to bring your stirring stick?” The resident reportedly answered, “No, how about my 45?”

McClain said he investigated the incident and the resident’s history. The resident did not have a criminal history, and McClain did not believe there was enough to get charges to stick, so no charges were filed.

So a guy responds to one smart-alecky remark with another smart-alecky remark and ends up getting investigated by the police. Based on this, a group of politicians believe they should have the ability to carry concealed in places where their constituents do not. Why am I not surprised.