ISRA’s Endorsements For Congress In Illinois

The Illinois State Rifle Association’s FEDPac has announced their endorsements and preferences in selected congressional elections in Illinois. I heard one of their endorsed candidates, Rep. Joe Walsh (R-8) speak at last year’s Gun Rights Policy Conference and was very pro-Second Amendment. I know he faces a tough re-election due to redistricting. I hope he does well.

The ISRA-FEDPac is pleased to announce its list of candidate
endorsements and candidate preferences for the upcoming general

The ISRA-FEDPac has endorsed the team of Gov. Mitt Romney and Rep. Paul
Ryan over the Obama/Biden team. Illinois firearm owners have first hand
experience with Obama’s disdain for the right to keep and bear arms.
Thus, Illinois firearm owners know full well that Obama is not the best
choice for our nation’s chief executive.

In the 2nd Congressional District, the ISRA-FEDPac has expressed its
preference for Brian Woodworth over incumbent Jessie Jackson, Jr.
Although Congressman Jackson is himself an avid gun owner, it is not
certain that, if re-elected, he will act in the best interests of his
fellow lawful firearm owners. Furthermore, if Jackson is re-elected and
steps down due to his health problems, it is highly likely that he will
be replaced by someone even less friendly to lawful firearm owners than
is Rep. Jackson. Such is a situation that hunters and sportsmen cannot

In the 6th Congressional District race, Rep. Peter Roskam has earned the
ISRA-FEDPac endorsement in light of his solid record of support and
respect for the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

In the 8th Congressional District, Rep. Joe Walsh receives the
ISRA-FEDPac endorsement in light of his outstanding record on firearm
rights issues. Although Walsh’s opponent, Tammy Duckworth, is part of
the growing ranks of war heroes, that status does not grant her license
to pick and choose which parts of our Constitution she will defend and
those she will not. Duckworth’s indifference to the 2nd Amendment
leaves her unsuitable to serve the people of the 8th District.

In the 11th Congressional District, the candidacy of Rep. Judy Biggert
is endorsed by the ISRA-FEDPac due to her long record of support for the
right to keep and bear arms. Biggert’s opponent, Bill Foster, is
unacceptably weak on issues important to firearm owners. Furthermore,
allegations that Foster slapped his ex-wife around during divorce
proceedings are troubling. Gun grabbing and wife beating are not
qualities that most citizens would like to see in their Congressional

In the 12th Congressional District, Jason Plummer is preferred by the ISRA-FEDPac over his opponent.

In the 13th Congressional District, Rodney Davis is preferred by the ISRA-FEDPac over his opponent.

Illinois hunters and sportsmen have been very fortunate to have had some
great friends in Congress preserving and protecting our outdoor
traditions. It is with great pleasure that the ISRA-FEDPac announces
its endorsement of Randy Hultgren (IL-14), John Shimkus (IL-15), Adam
Kinzinger (IL-16), Bobby Schilling (IL-17) and Aaron Schock (IL-18).

The ISRA-FEDPac wishes all of its endorsed and preferred candidates the
best of luck on November 6th and encourages all hunters and sportsmen to
get out and exercise their most important right – the right to choose
who represents their interests in the halls of government.