Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire – Round 2

I have been tardy in getting this notice up. Kris Koenig of Dead Patriot Films has started another Kickstarter campaign to raise monies for post-production costs. The filming is done and they expect to release the film in March of this year.

From Kris:


We will pursue a theatrical release of the film in March 2013 followed by distribution by Southern Oregon Public Television to PBS and PTV stations across the nation.
How will the funds be used?


Talent costs money and high-quaility, national level editors don’t come cheap; no matter how well the story is written, a bad edit will sink a film. Post-production also means meeting PBS engineering standards and practices. There are direct costs associated with a PBS review that the producer pays for on top of the overall production.

Then there are duplication costs, tapes, lawyers fees, insurance, and health insurance for the crew…on and on.

With your help we can produce a great film about a serious subject that affects lives, our civil rights, public safety and our liberty.

Risks and challenges

 We’re lucky to have an experienced editorial team onboard for this project. Jon Fischer ( our lead editor, is a highly respected reality TV editor, and will co-manage with director/writer Kris Koenig ( and producer Eric Katzenberg ( a team of assistant editors and production assistants to bring the vision of the script to a finished film.

Jon is concurrently working on other broadcast productions, so additional personnel is critical to help him execute the script on the editor. Not having the financial resources to secure additional talent will challenge us from being able to meet our production schedule of 60 days.

Since our initial funding here on Kickstarter, Kris and Anita Ingrao ( have traveled across the country to secure over fifty interviews of politicians, educators, lawyers, law enforcement, victims and gun owners to capture both side of this debate. Each of these interviews have been ingested into the editor and transcribed for the editor’s and writer’s use. All in 90 days!

This campaign is seeking “good money after good action” since our first Kickstarter success. It will be heartbreaking to limp to the finishing line 6 months from now after this debate is over in congress without our film having an impact in the discussion.

Finally, Kris was the overall manager of his last major project, 400 Years of the Telescope ( This project involved over 125 individuals, a 9-month deadline from initial funding, and required the crew to film on five continents over six weeks. All while managing the creation of a PBS science special, full-dome planetarium program, a PBS affiliate outreach component,website development and original score performed by the London Symphony Orchestra. The $2.9 million dollar budget was highly controlled by Kris and whole project was delivered ahead of schedule. Kris has the experience to overcome production obstacles but he is only human. Sickness, injury or death are the only things, except funding, that will keep him from finishing this film on time.

As I said, I was tardy. They only have five more days to go. If you would like to make a pledge, go here. I made my pledge this morning. The pledge button is on the right hand part of the page.