Knife Check Offered By Knife Rights For NRA Leadership Forum

If you are attending the NRA Annual Meeting and plan on attending Friday’s Leadership Forum, you need to remember that Secret Service rules are in effect. In other words, you won’t be allowed to carry concealed nor will you be allowed to have a knife on your person because the President will be in the attendance.

Last year Knife Rights set up a knife check system and they will again be offering it. As a bonus, if you check your knife with them you could win a new custom knife.

From their newsletter:

Knife Rights FREE Knife Check at NRA for Trump Speech 

Knife Rights is pleased to be able to again provide a FREE Knife Check
to NRA Annual Meeting attendees who are going to hear President Trump
speak at the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum next Friday in Atlanta.  Last year
we checked over 2,600 knives in Louisville when then-candidate Trump

Again this year, Hogue Knives has generously donated a very nice prize
that all those who check their knives will be eligible to win.  This
year it’s a Damascus X5 Flipper that has been custom ground by Allen
Elishewitz, valued at $500.  Attendees who bring their Knife Check Claim
Stub to the Knife Rights Booth #3717 will be entered to win.

Click here for more information on the NRA-ILA Freedom Forum or to get tickets. 

Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge there won’t be any similar gun check system for those carrying concealed. Tom Lindsay at the Fill Yer Hands blog mentioned that Georgia Carry had considered it and then discarded the idea as too expensive and complicated.