GRNC Reminds Us What Could Have Been

North Carolina is under a declared state of emergency due to snow, ice, and extreme cold. I know those living in the upper Midwest are probably scratching their heads over this but remember North Carolina doesn’t have the infrastructure – plows, etc. – to deal with this as a regular occurrence.

I bring this up as a reminder that before McDonald v. Chicago brought Second Amendment rights to the states it was state law in NC that no one could be armed outside the home during a state of emergency. Moreover, firearm and alcohol sales were also suspended. The win in the case of Bateman v. Perdue changed this as the US District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina found this to be unconstitutional. Thanks needs to go to Grass Roots North Carolina, the Second Amendment Foundation, and attorney Alan Gura for bringing the case. It was the first case filed after the win in the McDonald case. If you search this blog using “Bateman” or “emergency”, you will find numerous blog posts about the case.

Grass Roots North Carolina sent out a reminder yesterday about the win in Bateman yesterday.



Thanks to
GRNC: Your Gun Rights are Recognized and Protected During this Snowstorm. . . 

Due to winter weather, on Tuesday, Jaunary 16th, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper declared a “state of
emergency.” What does that mean to you today, and what could it have meant? Find out below. 

As you may recall, Grass Roots
North Carolina was a plaintiff in Bateman v. Perdue, when we sued
Beverly Perdue over the State of Emergency gun ban, a ban on law-abiding
citizens carrying guns during a declared state of emergency.

GRNC argued that the ban
constituted an unconstitutional violation of the Second Amendment. We
did so after
the town of King, NC posted the entire town against firearms in advance
of a pending snowstorm, and after Gov. Perdue declared a statewide State
Emergency, in response to an advancing hurricane, on the opening day of
dove season, making criminals of thousands of dove hunters. GRNC and
plaintiffs won the lawsuit, and the law was struck down as
unconstitutional under the Second Amendment.

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Thanks to the GRNC, and gun owners like you who support GRNC, law-abiding North
Carolina gun-carriers have not been rendered criminals today just because a little snow fell.

So . . . rest easy, and enjoy your hot chocolate! And if you
care to contribute to our all-volunteer organization so we can continue
protect and expand gun laws in our state, please 
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