Headline Of The Day

The headline of the day comes from an online story in American Handgunner magazine.

American Handgunner Guide To Picking Your Nose

It actually has nothing to do with your body parts and everything to do with the shape of your handgun bullets. Stuff like wadcutter, semi-wadcutter, flat nose, and round nose bullets when you are talking about cast bullets with others for jacketed bullets.

As Tank Hoover notes in this article:

As you can see, a lot of thought is involved in picking your nose for getting the best results. Besides nose style, we’ve yet to discuss alloy hardness and bullet lubes for cast bullets. Then there’s the choice of plain base or gas checked bottoms. Powder Coating, of which I’m a firm believer in its attributes, is another option.

Jacketed bullets have far less options than their cast brethren. Besides nose-styles, cannelures are about the only other option. Cannelures are useful for crimping bullets into place, while non-cannelure are used for taper crimped bullets used in semi-autos, where the cartridge seats on the case neck.

Who would have thought there was so much involved in picking your nose, let alone, the right bullet, to get the results you want and need? There’s nothing wrong with being picky — if you’re after certain results.

It is a good article with a great headline.