State Level Gun Rights Groups

Much of the battle for gun rights and the Second Amendment is happening at the state level. Part of this is because state level groups know their state and their politicians better than any national level organization. The other is sadly because Bloomberg and his minions woke up to the fact that they achieve their gun control aims more easily at the state level than at the national level.

Given the money that Bloomberg brings to the table for media campaigns and for buying lobbying politicians, state level gun rights groups need all the help that they can get in terms of money and members. Kevin Creighton has done a great service by pulling together a state-by-state list of state level gun rights groups for

He writes in the introduction to the list:


From the repeal of onerous gun regulations in Illinois to the opening up of permit-free concealed carry in states like Missouri and Kentucky to the unfortunate losses of Constitutional rights in California and Washington state, the fight to keep our right to keep and bear arms is often fought on a smaller scale by state level gun rights groups, rather than at a national level.

This is why we’ve built this handy interactive map to help you find the gun rights organizations in your state. The people in these groups are the ones who are knocking on the office doors of the politicians in your state, doing their best to preserve and expand your right to keep and bear arms. Support them, along with supporting your favorite nationally-based gun rights group, because we need to win the fight to preserve (and maybe expand) our right to keep and bear arms everywhere we can.

Some of the groups are the NRA-affiliated state groups while others are a more grass roots effort to push for gun rights. I say you should check out the groups in your state and then join the one that is the most effective in pushing for gun rights in your state. In my home state of North Carolina, that would be Grass Roots North Carolina rather than the NC Rifle and Pistol Association or the NAGR fund raising phoney group North Carolina Firearms Coalition.

I know a lot of people are mad at the NRA right now. Many have said they are not renewing their memberships or not sending money to Fairfax. Just because you are mad at the NRA doesn’t mean you should give up the battle for the Second Amendment.  If that is you, I say look at your state level group. That $25-30 that you aren’t sending to the NRA will go a long way to helping preserve or even expand rights in your own state.

If you have corrections or additions to this list, contact Kevin at