Kudos To The Czech Republic On Respecting The Right To Keep and Bear Arms

The Czech Republic is on its way to add the equivalent of the Second Amendment to their Constitution. The right to defend oneself and other with a firearm would be added to the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms. That is their Bill of Rights.

From the report in Euractiv:

The Czech government had thrown its support behind amending the country’s constitution to add the right to defend oneself and others with a firearm to the list of fundamental human rights and freedoms.

The Czech Senate proposed the amendment after it had received a petition with more than 100,000 signatures fearing the potential impacts of the EU’s Firearm Directive on the possession of firearms in the country.

While the government was expected to take a neutral stance on the issue, it nevertheless decided, after an intense debate, to support the amendment.

However, the amendment needs to be backed by three-fifths of lawmakers in both of parliament’s chambers. 

The EU’s firearms policy reform toughened gun control across the bloc and made it harder for EU citizens to obtain and possess certain weapons, as well as created tougher rules for licensing and registration of guns.

The Czech Republic had challenged the ban on semi-automatic rifles for private use.

Not too surprisingly, it seems that the countries in Central and Eastern Europe that were under Communist domination actually take their freedoms more seriously than Western Europe.