Off To Tucson For NRA Meeting

I leave in a few minutes for the airport to head to Tucson, Arizona. I will be attending the NRA Meeting of Members and plan to attend the NRA Board of Directors meeting while it is in open session. I fully expect that it will go to executive session fairly quickly in a replay of Indianapolis.

My friends at Save the Second put together this nice time table.

I will be introducing a resolution dealing with succession planning. I am pitching it as necessary with Wayne’s age and the impact of COVID-19 on the elderly. Wish me luck on that.

I’ll have my report on how the meeting goes up by Sunday morning. (I hope!)

Remember, if you are a NRA member, life or annual, and are in Tucson area, you are eligible to vote for the 76th Director. I am 100% behind Frank Tait. I get the feeling from reading Facebook posts by some NRA Directors that the establishment candidate is Jim Wallace, executive director of Massachusetts’ GOAL. Jim is an OK guy but we need Frank Tait to start the process of change.