Uhh, That’s Not A Marlin Lever Action

Examine the picture below. It was used by The Motley Fool website to illustrate a story regarding Ruger’s completion of the Marlin Firearms acquisition as a result of the Remington bankruptcy.

For some reason I don’t think the author was the one who picked the picture used to illustrate the story. That is because the story itself was pretty much on the money when it came to the background of Marlin and the impact the Freedom Group purchase initially had on quality.

Now I don’t claim to be an authority on everything lever action but I do know a Savage 99 from a Marlin 336. I have a couple of the former and one of the latter. I also know that the rotary magazine of the Savage lent itself to the use of the cartridges with spitzer bullets shown in the picture. Marlin lever actions, being tube fed, would generally use round or flat nose bullets.

The rule of thumb for a publication should be to let someone who knows a little bit about firearms pick the picture to illustrate your story on firearms.

UPDATE: A closer examination of the cartridges used in the photo show that many of them are flat nose bullets. I had to download the picture and enlarge it to actually see it. On first glance, I thought they were spitzer bullets with exposed lead tips.