2021 Gun Rights Policy Conference

The 2021 Gun Rights Policy Conference starts tomorrow at 1pm Eastern. As like last year, it will be 100% virtual. It will be broadcast live on both Facebook and on YouTube. It will resume at 2pm on Sunday afternoon.

Registration is still open and can be found here.

Unlike in year’s past when I spoke about the use of new media to advance gun rights, this year I will have a presentation on the firearms of Sweden and Switzerland entitled “Armed Neutrality”.

Here is the list of the speakers for both days:

Saturday 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern Sunday  11am Pacific/2pm Eastern 
​Introduction Alan Gottlieb Law 
Invocation Kenn Blanchard Joel Ard  
​ Alan Beck  
History Josh Blackman 
Kevin Dixie Raymond DiGuiseppe 
David Hardy Matthew Goldstein 
Dave Kopel Don Kilmer 
George Mocsary George Lee 
John Richardson  John Ohlendorf 
Cheryl Todd Pete Patterson 
 Dan Schmutter 
BREAK David Sigale 
 David Thompson 
11:30AM Outreach 
Rick Ector  Policy
Derek LeBlanc  Mark Smith 
Tony Simon   
Robyn Sandoval Break 
Nikki Stallard 
 2:15PM State  Reports
Gun Culture Alex Kincaid  
Chris Cheng  Dave Kopp  
Charlie Cook Richard Nascak 
Andrew Gottlieb Richard Pearson 
 Dean Rieck 
BREAK Alexander Roubian 
 Bryan Strawser 
1:15 PMHolly Sullivan 
Public Safety Philip Van Cleave 
Mas Ayoob   
Patrick Collins Addressing National and International Regulations
Nikki Goeser  Diana Muller 
Jim Irvine  Rick Patterson 
John Lott   
Dan Wos  
Beth Alcazar   
Beth Baumann   
Cam Edwards   
Stephen Gutowski   
AWR Hawkins   
Don Irvine   
Mike Piwowarski   
Amanda Suffecool   
Mark Walters  
Lee Williams

If a more detailed agenda become available, I will post it.