Off To Texas

I’m off to Houston this afternoon for the NRA Annual Meeting and Exhibition.

I think I’m in for an interesting weekend. Many vendors who skipped this year’s SHOT Show will be in attendance showcasing their wares. Not that there is that much that is new under the sun but still…

I fully expect two things this weekend.

First, the Meeting of Members will be somewhat contentious and that the Friends of Wayne will do everything in their power to cut the meeting short as they circle the wagons to protect Wayne.

Second, there will be a number of protestors and demonstrators outside the meeting given the murders in Uvalde yesterday. I would not be surprised to see Shannon Watts with her armed security out there in the plaza in front of the George Brown Center. Of course, as my friend Rob Morse points out better than I can, trained, armed teachers are a deterrent.

As to my expectations coming true, we shall see. We shall see.