In Time For Halloween – The Frankenpen

In case you don’t know, I love pens and especially fountain pens. I have more than you can shake a stick out. Some are real collectors that I plan to have rehabbed one of these days like a 1920s Parker Duofold Big Red. Others are cheap Chinese pens bought off of EBay which actually aren’t that bad. In the middle are some German pens from Lamy and Pelikan with the odd Japanese pen tossed in for good measure.

With Halloween fast approaching, I found this video from Jet Pens interesting. It gives examples of how to mix and match pen parts to get just what you want. One that really intrigues me is modifying the Zebra Kado2 with a gel refill. I can see using that pen when I’m at the SHOT Show as both a measuring device and something with which to take notes.