NC House Passes Pistol Purchase Permit Repeal

The North Carolina House of Representatives passed HB50 yesterday on a straight party-line vote. The vote was 67 aye, 48 nay, and 5 excused. No Democrat voted for the the repeal of the pistol purchase permit.

This now goes to the Senate which has passed the repeal as part of an omnibus bill.

When this bill finally is sent to Gov. Roy Cooper (D-NC) for signature, you can expect a veto. The difference between last session and this session is that the rules have changed. Under the new rule of the House, the Speaker can call for an override vote at any time. This means all he has to do is make sure every Republican is there and 1-2 Democrats are absent.

I don’t know the timeline yet for when HB50 and SB51 will be reconciled.