Dallas Safari Club Convention Moves To Atlanta In 2025

I received an email and video today from the Dallas Safari Club stating that their 2025 through 2029 conventions will be held in Atlanta, Georgia. The reason is that the City of Dallas will be doing a multi-year tear-down and rebuild of the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center.

From Corey Mason, CEO of DSC and the DSC Foundation:

As you heard in the video, DSC is moving our annual Convention to Atlanta, GA, beginning in 2025. We are extremely confident that the Georgia World Congress Center will be the premier site to deliver successful DSC Conventions to come!

Dates for the DSC Conventions in Atlanta will not change from those previously published, and we are certain you will continue to enjoy the southern hospitality, which has long been a hallmark of the DSC Convention. 
In addition to the annual Conventions to be held in Atlanta from 2025-2029, DSC is excited to announce that in 2025 we will begin hosting a second convention in Dallas each summer. Aligned with the DSC Foundation Gala, this Expo will feature many of our valued Exhibitor Partners, include evening events, and culminate with the annual DSC Foundation Gala on Saturday night.
While Dallas will always be home and we are very excited about the future of the new Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, DSC looks forward to the opportunity to take the greatest hunting and conservation show on the road for a few years. We cannot wait to see you in Dallas January 11-14, 2024, and encourage you to please make plans to join us in Atlanta beginning in 2025!

The video message goes into more detail.

I should note that the NRA held their convention in Atlanta in 2017 in the Georgia World Congress Center and it was a very nice facility. Likewise, both the NRA Annual Meeting and this year’s DSC Convention will be held in Dallas at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center.

I know many Texans are upset at this move but I cannot say the same. I live about a 3.5 hour drive from Atlanta and am excited to be able to drive to the DSC Convention. Just as with SCI’s move of their convention to Nashville, I think it will expose DSC to a lot more people which is a good thing.

Having attended both DSC and SCI Conventions, they are similar yet different. This is not a slam at the SCI Convention but the Dallas Safari Club Convention seemed more open and friendly. I know that there were a lot more kids there when I attended it in Dallas in 2022. Kids under 16 accompanied by adult are free and day tickets for adults are much less expensive than SCI.