Pre-Black Friday Sales At Amazon

I am an Amazon Affiliate but I don’t push it much. I bring this up because I did see some interesting things that I think my readers might be interested in purchasing. In addition, what little bit that Amazon pays me in commission helps to pay my PACER bill as I check out case filings.

First up are Walker’s Shooting Training Protection 29 DB Omni-Directional Microphone Rope Hearing Enhancer Earbuds. They are very similar to the earbuds I have from Axil minus the Blue Tooth connectivity. Given I paid approximately $140 for my Axil GS Extreme earbuds and these are only $49.95, I think this is a good deal. They allow you to amplify background sound for example when out hunting in the woods. Then they automatically cut off when you shoot. They have a NRR of 29 DB.

Staying on the topic of hearing protection, Amazon has a Black Friday deal on Decibullz Custom Molded Earplugs. They are strictly passive hearing protection. They give a NRR of 31 DB which is quite high. I have a couple of pairs that were given to me at the SHOT Show. You put them in hot water for a bit and then you press them into your ear for a custom molded earplug. The normal price is $25.99 but they are on sale for $19.99.

Moving away from hearing protection, I came across the Cold Steel Canadian Belt Knife. It is a copy of the Grohmann’s D. H. Russell Canadian Belt Knife made in Pictou, Nova Scotia. The difference is the rosewood handle is now a molded polymer for the Cold Steel version. I have both the original that I bought in Nova Scotia in 1975 and the Cold Steel version. Instead of paying over $120, the Cold Steel version is on a Black Friday sale for $12.44. I think they would make great stocking stuffers and I intend to buy a couple more to give as gifts. In addition, at this price you can afford to beat it up.

Amazon also has a Cold Steel Karambit Trainer on their pre-Black Friday sale. It is only $8.05. If you own a Karambit, this is a good way to train to use it without the fear of cutting yourself. As I have a couple of Karambit knives, I plan to buy one for myself as well.

These are just a few of the items that are on Amazon’s pre-Black Friday sale. Again, anything you buy that is linked to from this site does generate a small commission for me. I use that money to pay the expenses of keeping the blog going. Finally, this is a good time to take advantage of the 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime. In addition to the 2-day shipping, I use it to watch movies and TV series. Currently, I’m going back now and watching the full Miami Vice series starting from the pilot.

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