Self-Defense Law Webinar In North Carolina

I think the following webinar being offered by the UNC School of Government will be of interest to anyone who is armed for self-protection in North Carolina.

From the description:

The law of self-defense in North Carolina received a jolt from State v. McLymore, 380 N.C. 185 (2022), where the North Carolina Supreme Court held that the only way to claim perfect self-defense is by invoking the statutory right created by G.S. 14-51.3.  The Court went on to say, however, that to the extent the statute does not address an aspect of the law of self-defense, the common law remains intact.  This webinar examines the basic principles of self-defense in North Carolina under four headings: (1) aggressor status, (2) degree of force, (3) proportional response, and (4) reclaiming the privilege.  It aims to place McLymore in the broader context of the common law, so that practitioners will know what aspects of the law are “supplanted” by the statutory right of self-defense, what aspects are still governed by the common law, and what aspects remain unsettled to be determined by future caselaw.

The webinar is being offered on Wednesday, May 15th at 10:30am. The cost is FREE! Attendance is limited to 300 persons and registration closes on Friday, May 10th at 5pm.

The link to register is here. I found the registration was straightforward and easy. It does make reference to billing which is not an issue here as the cost is zero.

Even if you don’t or can’t attend the webinar, I think you will find the following flow chart that accompanies the webinar helpful.