Open Letter From Former NRA Director Tim Knight

Below is an open letter from former NRA Director Tim Knight. I am publishing it with his permission.

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Tim along with fellow directors Esther Schneider and Sean Maloney are named as whistleblowers (Question 9b on verdict form) in the current New York trial who suffered retaliation. They spoke out about alleged financial misconduct and called for a review of the billings by Bill Brewer and his firm. As a result, he and the other two were stripped of their committee assignments, rebuffed when they sought information, and were prevented from doing their fiduciary duties. This led to their resignations on August 1, 2019.

I don’t think it needs repeating but I’ll say it anyway. Tim is one of the good guys. He helped lead the grassroots campaign in Colorado that led to the recall of two anti-gun politicians. Like another famous Tennessean, he answered the call from another state and went to help in their fight. He is a grassroots activist who has always recognized that his job was to serve the members of the NRA.

The verdict in the NY vs. NRA case is due shortly. Although I believe the case had some political motivations behind it based on the words of the New York Attorney General when she was running for office, I don’t think NRA members should dismiss the grave concerns revealed in what is now several court cases.

I, along with a few others directors, expressed concerns over the misappropriation of funds both internally and then later publicly in 2019. We recognized who our boss actually was:  our fellow members who were faithfully paying their dues. We did not believe the NRA Board and management were holding to the mission of the Association nor were they being transparent about expenses. Every NRA Director has a duty to the members, the law and the NRA’s mission statement. Several of us were dismissed from our committees and accused of disloyalty towards the NRA for raising our financial concerns. Most Board members were too scared to stand up to Wayne and his cronies, especially Marion Hammer. Other Board members were part of the management cabal themselves and had no intention of changing a thing. So, the Board circled their wagons and remained silent. They were unwilling or unable to speak up or divided on where their loyalties lay.

The current NRA Board has failed in its duty to the NRA members, and I think that every single Board member who hasn’t openly spoken up about reform and responsibility should resign immediately. Our Association deserves bold, honorable and honest Board members focused on their legal responsibilities and on the members who elected them. No more should they focus on those who can dole out favors, vacations, car rides, consulting fees and other graft. We need to stop electing the silent, the complicit or those who hope to be “trusted remainders” when this all blows over. Board members who are 2nd Amendment hero’s, politicians or captains of industry might once have been effective for our association. They are no longer effective and need to resign as well.

To fix our association, we need a much smaller board with term limits as well as a significant revision of the structure the board operates under. Strict disclosure rules for Board members and management needs to be enforced and shared with NRA members during the annual meeting. This information should be disclosed to everyone during the main members business meeting that is open to the public. 

I trust the members who make up the association and in the mission statement that should always keep it focused. We need new leadership and a new board now. If both do not change, the slow degradation of our once great association will do more damage to our civil rights, hunting culture, gun safety education and competitions that we can ill afford. My fellow members, if the court does not grant you the remedy you think is deserved, please stop supporting the do nothing’s, ne’er do wells, and the faded hero’s. If we want our Republic back, let’s start with our association!

I look forward to the day when the NRA once again, through hard work and results, regains the trust of millions of law abiding gun owners. We are stronger when we stand together as hunters, competitors, enthusiasts, advocates and educators.

  • Timothy Knight

NRA Board of Directors 2015-2019

Citizen of the Republic, Constitutionalist, National 2a Advocate, Founder‘13 CO Recalls. School Safety Proponent, Effective Grassroots Campaigner.

Day Five And No Verdict In NRA Trial Yet

According to posts by Erik Uebelacker and Rachel Scharf, the jurors in the NRA’s New York trial have requested the transcript of Woody Phillips’ testimony. They still have not rendered a verdict as earlier this afternoon.

We do know however what they had for lunch!

One person asked what is taking so long. Uebelacker responded that this is a complicated case and I would agree. As he notes, it is like four trials in one. You have the NRA plus the three individual defendants.

As my friend Danny the Mac humorously noted, if the jurors are getting paid by their employers plus the court stipend plus lunch, why not wait until after lunch on Friday to render a verdict. He’s got a point.

UPDATE: Rachel Scharf has this on jurors’ request for more info.

UPDATE II: According to a tweet by Erik Uebelacker, the three witnesses that Rachel Scharf references above are Charles Cotton, David Coy, and Sonja Rowling. Presumably, the attorneys for both sides will need to examine these transcripts before Judge Cohen releases them to the jurors.

That said, I find it very interesting that the jurors want to re-examine the testimony of the chair and vice-chair of the Audit Committee (Cotton and Coy respectively). Moreover, I understand that Coy is chair of the Finance Committee. With the addition of Rowling to the mix it would seem they are interested in improper expenditures and who approved them.

Tomorrow May Be The Day When The Jury Returns

Since I’m not in New York and since the state refuses to televise trials, I have been relying upon the reports of others with regard to some aspects of the NRA trial. Documents that have been filed I can access but I can’t see what is happening in the courtroom.

For the day to day reports on witnesses and the arguments from both sides, I have been depending upon NRA Watch. I do realize that it is a tool of Bloomberg’s Everytown but it has fairly reported courtroom proceedings. Other sources such as Courthouse News Service, NRA In Danger, and Stephen Gutowski’s The Reload have been very good but not quite as up to date.

Twitter or X has been very helpful in following the trial since the closing arguments and the case has been sent to the jury. Erik Uebelacker (@Uebey) has been very good. A new source I discovered today, Rachel Scharf of Law360, has been even better.

Here are a couple of her posts from earlier today:

Given this tweet by Erik Uebelacker, I think we are getting close to the end of the jury’s deliberations. They may have skipped around but my gut tells me that they have been taking each item in order.

I also received a text from Judge Phil Journey who also expects a decision as soon as tomorrow. Given his experience as a trial judge, I’d say he has a good feel for how juries behave.

I’m not making any bets on what the jury will return. They have asked for all the exhibits, have sent multiple notes to Judge Cohen including one that asks the meaning of “monetary harm to the NRA”, and a computer with trial transcripts. With the exception of the last item, I believe that have gotten what they have requested. This leads me to believe that they are doing their due diligence, examining every charge carefully, and are working hard to reach the various verdicts fairly. I don’t think anyone will be able to say that they didn’t do their jobs.

So, with any luck, we will see the jury return with their verdicts sometime tomorrow. I plan to keep checking Twitter throughout the day and will report if I hear anything.

Vote Four For Reform

The official NRA magazines with the ballots for the 2024 Board of Directors election have started to arrive. The Complementary Spouse and I both received ours today.

I would urge you in the strongest possible terms to bullet vote, i.e, only vote for these candidates and no others, for the Four for Reform. While there are a couple of others deserving of your vote, it is essential that these four get elected.

All four are on the ballot as a result of your efforts in signing their petition. We need people like them on the Board as they won’t put up and shut up. Indeed, both Judge Phil Journey and Rocky Marshall were retaliated against for standing up for what is right. That retaliation has led to the NRA being charged with violating the State of New York ‘s whistleblower law. This is one of the charges that the jurors in the New York trial are in the process of deciding guilt or innocence.

So few of the eligible voters actually vote that every vote for these four is critical.

We don’t know the outcome of the trial in New York and we don’t know what remedies Judge Cohen will impose if the NRA is found guilty. He could dissolve the current board and reduce it in size. He could appoint a special overseer. He could appoint a temporary board of people who are not tainted such as these four. He could do all of these things and that is why support for clean, untainted candidates is so important.

Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler Would Approve!

In a Soldier Systems article highlighting US Navy Uniform updates, I noticed this:

b. Tiara. The tiara is reinstated as an optional Navy uniform component for all female Sailors (E-1 through O-10) when wearing Dinner Dress Blue and White Jacket Uniforms. Note: the tiara will be available for personal purchase as a special order item via Navy Exchange Online Customer Service with a lead time of approximately four weeks.

As a long time watcher of the TV show Big Bang Theory, I knew the character Amy Farrah Fowler played by Mayim Bialik loved tiaras. That got me to wondering just what the Navy tiara looked like. Would officers have one with diamonds while enlisted Sailors have to make due CZs set in silver?

From a web forum devoted to militaria, I found this:

They also had one displayed on a mannikin head:

The Hampton Roads Naval Museum had this illustration done in 1967 showing a female Lt. JG wearing a tiara while wearing her Dinner Dress Blue jacket.

It seems the tiara was abandoned in 2016 when new uniform regulations were adopted. The Navy also abandoned the traditional hat called the bucket cover worn by female Sailors (officers and enlisted) at the same time. It, too, is now going to be authorized as an optional head covering for female Sailors.

I find it interesting that these changes are coming as the Navy now has a female Chief of Naval Operations. As Admiral Franchetti was commissioned in 1985, she may have wanted to bring back some of the headgear she wore earlier in her career. I think it might have been hard for a male admiral to bring back these items without running the risk of being labeled sexist.

GRNC-PVF Candidate Recommendation Updates

The Grass Roots North Carolina – Political Victory Fund has released some updates. These are just in time for the start of Early, One-Stop Voting which began yesterday. The updates include additional races, some corrections, and surveys that were received after the January 20th cut-off date.


Late surveys, additional races, and errata


NC Commissioner of Insurance (R): GRNC-PVF recommends ROBERT BRAWLEY (votes: 100%, survey: 81%) over Andrew Marcus (survey: 100%, ****) due to Brawley’s 100% voting record in the NC House. Mike Causey failed to return the survey (survey: NR, GRNC 0-star). The important factor in this primary is electing a candidate who can beat Democrat Natasha Marcus (votes: 0%, GRNC 0-star) in the General Election. Natasha (not Andrew) Marcus is a Bloomberg gun control shill whose political career needs to be stopped in its tracks.

NC Court of Appeals Seat 15 (R): GRNC-PVF recommends HUNTER MURPHY over Chris Freeman.



District 03 (R): GRNC-PVF recommends MICHAEL SPECIALE (voting record: 100%, survey: 100%). In addition to a 100% recent voting record in the NC House, Speciale has a history of sponsoring pro-gun legislation and standing up to leadership for gun rights. He will be a leader for your rights in the NC Senate. Opponent Bob Brinson was reportedly encouraged to run by Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger, who recently refused to give constitutional carry a floor vote, saying: “We have passed a substantial bill dealing with some concerns about the Second Amendment. We have done away with the pistol purchase permit which was the number one goal for many of the guns rights groups for a long period of time. I just don’t know if there is a need for us to delve into additional issues dealing with guns.” [Information about Speciale’s opponent added.]

District 45 (R): GRNC-PVF recommends MARK HOLLO (survey: 99%, voting record: 100%, ****). Opponent Nancy Meek (survey 100%, ****) is reportedly pro-gun, but Hollo has both a perfect voting record while in the NC House, and a history of sponsoring pro-gun legislation. [“Hollo” was initially misspelled.]


District 59 (R): GRNC-PVF recommends ALLEN CHAPPELL (survey: 91%, ****) over Alan Branson (survey: 80%, ***). [Previously, “Chappell” had been misspelled.]

District 69 (R): GRNC-PVF recommends DEAN ARP (survey: 100%, votes: 100%, ****) over Clint Cannaday (survey: 88%, ***). [District was erroneously listed as 67.]


Below are surveys received after the January 20 deadline. In our continuing effort to give all candidates a fair chance, some may have already been included in candidate recommendations if they were received in time. Remember in November candidate recommendations are being adjusted accordingly. However, GRNC-PVF candidate recommendations cannot be changed for late surveys.

This message supporting the above-mentioned candidates was paid for by the Grass Roots North Carolina Political Victory Fund. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.

NRA Trial – It Is Now In The Hands Of The Jury

The trial began on January 8th with the attorneys for the New York Attorney General’s Office making their case against the NRA, Wayne LaPierre, Woody Phillips, and John Frazer for breaches of the Estates Powers & Trust Law, breaches of fiduciary duties under the Not-for-Profit Corporation Law, related party transactions, violation of New York’s whistleblower law, and false filings. Josh Powell had earlier entered into a plea agreement in which he pleaded guilty and agreed to pay $100,000 in restitution. The state’s case was concluded on February 5th and then the attorneys for the NRA and the individual defendants began to make their cases for acquittal. Finally, today both sides gave their closing arguments and the jury will begin deliberation tomorrow.

In the interim, Wayne LaPierre’s reign over the NRA ended on January 31st. He announced his resignation on January 5th. One thing I did notice almost immediately after LaPierre’s announcement is that the attorneys from Brewer, Attorneys and Counselors, went from “keeping Wayne out of jail” to saying it was “all Wayne’s fault”. They have argued that Wayne, Woody, and company kept the NRA Board of Directors in the dark and, as such, the NRA can’t be held responsible for their actions.

The New York Attorney General’s Office’s Second Amended Complaint listed 15 causes of action against the NRA and the individual defendants. At the conclusion of the state’s case, attorneys for the NRA asking for a directed verdict saying, in effect, the Attorney General’s Office had not proved their case. Likewise, attorneys for the individual defendants argued that they were not liable under some of the causes of action. This past Monday, February 13th, Judge Cohen ruled on these motions. He rejected the NRA’s argument that the 1st Cause of Action – Breach of the Estates Powers & Trustees Law be dismissed over “vagueness”. He dismiss similar causes of action (6, 7, and 8) against the individual defendants holding that they could not be classified as “trustees” under the EPTL. With the exception of the related party transaction involving LaPierre which he dismissed today, all the other charges against the individual defendants remain.

One thing that has been often overlooked is that the victims in this case are those of us that are members of the NRA. Beyond paying for the private planes, suits, and trips for LaPierre, it has been our dues and contributions that have been used to pay the legal bills for both the NRA and the individual defendants. While I can’t speak for Woody Phillips, I am sure that both LaPierre and Frazer will submit bills to the NRA for their legal expenses to be reimbursed under the Directors and Officers insurance policy. This would be over and above what is being spent with Brewer, Attorneys and Counselors where it takes approximately the dues from 22 annual members to pay for one hour of legal representation.

I will cover the closing arguments in a separate post in order to keep this post from being too long.

More Thoughts On NRA EVP Search Committee

Since my post yesterday on Marion Hammer’s letter to the NRA-EVP search committee, I’ve received a copy of Charles Cotton’s announcement of the search committee and have spoken with others including a former board member.

Two hours before Marion Hammer’s email went out, NRA Secretary and General Counsel John Frazer sent this to the entire Board of Directors:

Dear Fellow NRA Board Members:

At the request of several NRA board members, during our last board meeting in January, I noted that we would soon form a search committee to assist with the recruiting and placement of a new EVP and CEO of the National Rifle Association of America.

In accordance with NRA Bylaws, I am pleased to announce the creation of this select committee, the EVP Search Committee. This Committee is charged with determining the process and timing of the selection of appropriate candidates to present to the Nominating Committee and, ultimately, the full Board of Directors.

The members of the EVP Search Committee are:

Congressman Bob Barr – Chairman
Professor David Coy
Carol Frampton, Esq.
Curtis Jenkins, Esq.
Sheriff Jay Printz
Barbara Rumpel
Chief Blaine Wade

Please join me in expressing our gratitude to our fellow Board Members for their dedication to the NRA and their willingness to serve in this important role.


Charles L. Cotton
NRA President

Two things stand out in Cotton’s letter. First, this committee will control the process and timing of the selection of candidates for the permanent CEO and Executive VP position. Second, any person or persons selected will go to the Nominating Committee before being presented to the Board of Directors. In other words, while officially the Board selects the EVP, the Nominating Committee will select the actual candidate and present the Board with a fait accompli.

This committee is a selection of people that will represent the interests of what I call the Old Guard or my friend calls “the cabal”. You have David Coy who failed in his fiduciary duties as a member of the Audit Committee. We might not have a trial in New York if he and others had done their job properly. You have Jay Printz who, at least through last September, was a stout defender of Wayne LaPierre. You have Barbara Rumpel whose primary connection to the Second Amendment seems to be as a “Friend of Susan”. None of these people are change agents.

Reevaluating Marion’s email to this committee barely two hours after it was announced, it is evident that she is telling them that NRA staff such as Interim EVP Andrew Arulanadam and CFO Sonya Rowling are non-starters as candidates for the permanent EVP position. When she says, “reach out to Board members for information and advice”, she means listen to her and the Old Guard or Cabal on what constitutes an acceptable candidate. Her call to be “transparent” with the Board doesn’t really mean transparency for all but rather the committee should report each and every move to her and the Old Guard before they actually make it.

Going back to Marion’s original call for a search committee, in retrospect she was not calling out Charles Cotton but rather telling him what she and the Old Guard wanted. She wanted a search committee comprised of Board members responsive to the Old Guard. She was providing cover for Cotton to seemingly be responsive to the call for a search committee while keeping it under his and the Old Guard’s tight grip.

Contrast this with what was suggested by Buz Mills. He called for a search committee of Board members with business experience selected from the floor by the BOD. This group would then use the services of an outside executive search agency to recruit, evaluate, and screen suitable candidates. In other words, they would find people capable of running a large non-profit whose values were consistent with fighting for Second Amendment rights. This might be someone like a Mike Fifer who ran Sturm, Ruger for many years as CEO. The search committee would then present the candidates to the Board for a “meet and greet”. I have seen this many times in academia when a new dean or college president is being selected. You will notice there is not mention of interference by the Nominating Committee in the process. The Board as a whole would discuss the candidates and then vote on them. This would take it out of the hands of the Old Guard or Cabal and put it in the hands of the entire Board.

I don’t know the timetable for a selection. Would it be in time for the next Board meeting? Or would a candidate be selected before Judge Cohen could impose a special monitor assuming the jury finds the NRA failed in its duties to its members? Speed would be in the interest of Charles Cotton and the Cabal. Speed, like this whole committee, would not be in the interests of the members of the NRA. That would be served by the Buz Mills’ model of finding a new EVP.

To throw one more wrinkle into this, given the precarious state of the NRA’s finances it may be up to a bankruptcy judge to make the decision on an interim basis. You have to ask why did former President Trump make his speech at the Great American Outdoor Show instead of at the Annual Meeting in May. I’m sure Mr. Trump would not want to be making his speech to the NRA faithful while the organization was in the midst of a bankruptcy trial.

I Actually Agree With Marion On This

As weird as it may seem I find myself somewhat in agreement with Marion Hammer. I was forwarded an email from her to the NRA-EVP Search Committee.

She made the point that the committee needs to look outside the current NRA operations for the person that can be a success as the next CEO and EVP of the NRA.

Here is her email and the members of the committee:

TO: The Members of the NRA-EVP Search Committee:

Congressman Bob Barr – Chairman
Professor David Coy
Carol Frampton, Esq.
Curtis Jenkins, Esq.
Sheriff Jay Printz
Barbara Rumpel
Chief Blaine Wade


At the risk of being redundant, I must say that these are tough times for the NRA.  The right leader or leaders is essential for NRA’s future.  I say leaders because I’m not sure that you can find one person who can do the job.  

You might need someone to be the public face of NRA. To do the TV and all media coverage and essentially be the person out front representing NRA and the work we do.

You also might need to find someone to be the workhorse.  Someone to make the tough decisions about running the day to day operations who won’t be afraid to “break some eggs to make an omelet”  and who isn’t afraid to terminate people who are only interested in themselves and not the NRA and our cause.

I seriously doubt that anyone currently involved with NRA operations meets either need.  Don’t be afraid to look outside of NRA for fresh new leaders who care about NRA.  Our members are depending on you to find the right person or persons.

When I look at you, I see 2 current NRA Officers, 2 lawyers, 2 law enforcement representatives and one average person.  None of you is what I would consider a high end business person, yet we must look at the business perspective.   

Whatever you decide, Is up to you.  I wouldn’t want to be in your position with the world watching me and expecting perfection.  Nonetheless, you must live in a “fishbowl” until the job is done, and then you must live with your decisions.

Please take your time and be thorough. Please be transparent with the NRA Board and don’t be afraid to reach out to Board members for information and advice. Always remember that there are good business people with incredible business knowledge on the Board who are there to serve.  Use them.   

I wish you all the very best of luck as you embark on a mission that is essential for the future of NRA and our members.  

Marion Hammer

Now as to what bothers me in all of this.

The committee is composed of the same old Board members who allowed Wayne to get away with his grifting, who didn’t object to Brewer’s billing, and who allowed a whole host of things that has led the NRA to be reduced to a shadow of its former self. Unless I am greatly mistaken and we the members get really lucky, anyone chosen by this bunch will not renovate nor reinvigorate the NRA. The organization will continue to muddle along with same old mindset appealing to an ever aging membership.

Interesting that Buz Mills was left off the list. Likewise, it is interesting Charles Cotton is off the list. Could this be so that Cotton could be their pick for the next EVP? God forbid!

A Friday Roundup

This week started with us in Saint Louis where my older daughter had scheduled surgery on Monday. What was expected to be a 1.5-2 hour standard procedure ended up being a five hour surgery. The surgeon found an unexpected tumor hidden behind other organs. While it was cancerous, it is at an early stage with an excellent long term prognosis. The major downside is that she will need a second surgery to complete the original procedure. Please keep Wendy in your prayers.

The news this weeks seems to be coming faster than I can keep up with so I’ll just go with a roundup with links to more indepth coverage.

The New York Attorney General’s Office rested its case against the NRA and the individual defendants on Monday. Their final witness was Eric Hines who is a forensic accountant who found the NRA had a number of internal control failures. The attorneys for the NRA and the individual defendants then asked for a directed verdict saying the state had not proved its case and that certain laws do not pertain to them.

The Reload has a good analysis of this argument by Joseph Brucker. The crux of the NRA’s argument is as follows:

The defendants’ arguments centered largely on the applicability of New York’s Estates Powers and Trusts Law (EPTL) to nonprofit corporations and their executives. The statute contains a provision that subjects any nonprofit corporation organized for “charitable purposes” to certain registration and reporting requirements. However, “charitable purposes” are defined using language that echoes the IRS’s federal 501(c)(3) classification. The NRA, a 501(c)(4), admitted that the law governs some of its funds and activities. But it argued that the statute’s provisions relating to the “administration” of charitable property should only apply to its restricted charitable donations, not to general funds used for noncharitable activities such as lobbying.

The individual defendants, meanwhile, say the statute does not apply to them at all: an accountant or lawyer who accepts a position at a New York nonprofit, they argue, does not sign up for the same responsibilities as the “trustee” of a charitable foundation or bequest. The “trustee” designation set off a round of frenzied discussion in the courtroom on Monday.

If Judge Cohen accepts this interpretation, it could prove problematic for the state to force reform on the NRA.

Erik Uebelacker has been following the case for Courthouse News Service. He has a good synopsis of the testimony of former NRA 1st VP Willes Lee who had gone nuclear on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. What I found most interesting was Lee’s response as to why he had written those posts.

Lee was far more reserved in court than he was on Facebook. During his testimony, he was hesitant to critique the NRA at all, despite his willingness to do so frequently online last year. 

“I don’t know why I was posting those now,” he said Wednesday. “But I must have felt that way.”

He didn’t deny the validity of the content in any of the posts, however.

“I don’t know why I was posting those now”? Jeez! Talk about wimping out when put on the stand.

The two best ways to follow the NRA trial day by day are to follow NRA Watch and to follow the tweets of Uebelacker. I hate to admit our enemies have done an excellent job in covering the testimony in the case in an above board and fair way. NRA Watch is a project of Bloomberg’s Everytown.

Moving on in the Spirit of Aloha, the Supreme Court of Hawaii doesn’t like Heller, McDonald, or Bruen nor do they think it applies in Hawaii.

The court said:

“The spirit of Aloha clashes with a federally-mandated lifestyle that lets citizens walk around with deadly weapons during day-to-day activities,” the court wrote. “The history of the Hawaiian Islands does not include a society where armed people move about the community to possibly combat the deadly aims of others.”

Christopher Wilson had legally purchased his firearm in Florida back in 2013. He had been charged with possessing an unregistered firearm. His first challenge under the Second Amendment was denied but his second challenge after the Bruen decision was successful. A Hawaii district court had dismissed the charges based upon Bruen but the state appealed.

If ever a case cried out for the grant of a writ of certiorari it is this one. I can’t see how the SCOTUS can ignore such an in-your-face challenge to the supremacy of national law. As gun rights attorney Alan Beck notes, “The use of pop culture references to attempt to rebuke the Supreme Court’s detailed historical analysis is evidence this is not a well-reasoned opinion.”

In other 2A news, a group of Second Amendment organizations including the Second Amendment Foundation, CCRKBA, and theFirearms Policy Coalition are asking the US Supreme Court to grant certiorari in Bianchi v. Brown. The SCOTUS had vacated and remanded the case then known as Bianchi v Frosh back to the 4th Circuit for a ruling consistent with Bruen. Since then, the case was argued before a 3-judge 4th Circuit panel and its has been over a year since the argument without a decision. For some reason, the 4th Circuit has now decided to hear the case en banc. The case is a challenge to Maryland’s ban on so-called “assault weapons” (sic).

Adam Kraut, SAF Executive Director, notes in their release:

“The Fourth Circuit’s decision to hear this case en banc, over a year after it was argued before a panel and with no published opinion, seems to imply the court desired to take this case from a panel with which it disagreed,” noted SAF Executive Director Adam Kraut. “The unconstitutionality of Maryland’s Assault Weapons Ban has been apparent since it was passed into law, as Heller already provided the proper analysis, which the Fourth Circuit previously ignored to shield the law from a swift death. Intervention from the Supreme Court is necessary to restore order and force the lower courts to properly address this issue in a timely manner, as each day the Plaintiffs rights are being infringed upon.”

Finally, I would like to note that Early, One-Stop Voting begins for the North Carolina March Primary next Thursday, February 15th. Grass Roots North Carolina has issued their Remember in November ratings of the candidates based upon both their voting history (if any) and a survey. Likewise, GRNC-Political Victory Fund has issued their recommendations regarding pro-rights candidates in contested races. Today is the last day to be registered to vote for the primary. This will be the first election in which a photo ID will be required since North Carolina voters approved a constitutional amendment requiring it in 2018.