My First Battle Rifle

I now have my first battle rifle. It is a FN-FAL that was assembled for me by CMP Armory.

CMP Armory is a small gunsmithing company located in Dallas, NC. They came highly recommended and they did a fantastic job for me. Both Moses (aka Johnny) and James were easy to work with.

I had purchased an Imbel parts kit from a private ad on the FALFiles Message Board. The guy selling it decided that after getting the parts kits and most of the compliance parts that his interests lay elsewhere. I then obtained a DSA Inc. Type II upper receiver which is American made.

CMP assembled the rifle, refinished it in matte black KG Gunkote, did a trigger and accurizing job, and then added their own Hurricane flash hider to it. Jim Rawles on the SurvivalBlog has spoken very highly of this flash-hider.

I would have posted pictures of the fine job that they did but the Complementary Spouse is out in St. Louis with her mother (aka the Complementary Mother-in-Law) and she took my digital camera with her. A cell phone picture wouldn’t do this rifle the justice it deserves.