Hurricane Earl and the Bateman Case

This news release from Grass Roots North Carolina, one of the organizational plaintiffs in Bateman v. Perdue, helps put the case into perspective. The entire state of North Carolina is now under a state of emergency.

GRNC Alert 09-01-10:

Gov. Perdue’s Order Suspends Rights of NC Gun Owners


With the approach of Hurricane Earl, the North Carolina state of
emergency statute (N.C. Gen. Stat. 14-288.7) has once again reared its
ugly head. Gov. Perdue has declared a state of emergency for the
entire state of North Carolina. As a result it is a Class 1
misdemeanor “for any person to transport or possess off his own
premises any dangerous weapon or substance.” There is no exception for
recreational shooting. There is no exception for hunting. There is no
exception for having a concealed carry permit. The prohibition applies
to all possession — open carry, concealed carry and transportation in
a vehicle.


Anybody? That’s right… Dove season opens Saturday at noon. Unless
Earl is well past NC and the SoE has been lifted (not likely), every
hunter who doesn’t live in the dove field is a criminal.

Following the state of emergency declared this winter in King, GRNC
attempted legislation to solve this problem. Now GRNC is part of the
lawsuit filed against the state of N.C. on this very issue. Attorney
Alan Gura – who won the Heller and McDonald decisions affirming the
Second Amendment as an individual right and overturning the gun bans
in DC and Chicago – helms this case.

Elections have consequences and this November, you have a unique
opportunity to change the landscape of the N.C. General Assembly. Not
only would this allow legislation like that attempted by GRNC to pass,
it will set up a friendlier environment for the redistricting of U.S.
Congressional districts. Remember last time this allowed Brad Miller
to custom design the 13th district just for himself. Elections have
consequences. Make them positive.