White House Puts Hold On New ATF Multi-Rifle Sales Reporting

According to a story from Reuters, the White House and the Office of Management and Budget are delaying the implementation of the ATF’s new “two-a-day” reporting rule that was supposed to start at the beginning of the year in the border states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

The White House Office of Management and Budget was expected to approve the emergency rule change on Wednesday. But an official with direct knowledge told Reuters that “ATF’s information collection request is still under review,” and declined further comment until the “deliberative phase is concluded.”

Of course, Paul Helmke of the Brady Campaign expressed disappointment and hoped that this was only a temporary delay. He termed it a “common-sense” policy and added:

“Dealers are already required to report multiple sales of handguns and this is just implementing the same thing for long guns,” Helmke told Reuters.

“It shouldn’t be that much more of a burden on anyone in terms of paperwork and data collection, and it could help save lives … It seems like a measure that should be fairly noncontroversial.”

At the heart of this “delay” is stiff opposition from gun rights groups and their allies – including Democrats – in Congress. The Montana delegation has been particularly vociferous on the issue.

The Gunleaders.com Blog has the documents submitted by ATF to OMB in justification of their reporting rule. The ATF estimated that the cost to FFL’s would be nil since most would fax it in and that the new reporting rule would have no impact on small businesses. Unless the ATF is providing a toll free number there is a cost. Moreover, the overwhelming majority of gun shops in this country are not the “big box” stores but rather small businesses.

If the White House is wavering on this, now is time to put more pressure on them. Call, fax, write, or email both your Senators and your Congressman opposing this “emergency” requirement that is only supposed to last 6 months if one believes the Federal Register. Note that in the documents submitted to the OMB by ATF, they are saying one year.

5 thoughts on “White House Puts Hold On New ATF Multi-Rifle Sales Reporting”

  1. "The ATF estimated that the cost to FFL's would be nil…"

    Apparently when you are viewed as a slave, your time and labor is assigned a value of "nil".

  2. Of course, they ignore that not only does the BATFE not have any statutory authority to require such reporting, but the Firearms Owners Protection Act of 1986 explicitly bans the establishment of such registries and grandfathers the reporting of multiple handgun sales…

  3. "… the documents submitted to the OMB by ATF, they are saying one year…"

    ATF is has also requested that they not be required to print an expiration date on their intended report form ????


  4. I am an FFL, have NO land line phone or fax. Yep it would cost me, yep the paper work would increase. This is a bad idea that will have NO impact on crime, let it fail for ANY reason.

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