Wanted – Field Organizer For Arizona

The Brady Campaign placed the following help wanted ad on idealist.org.:

Field Organizer – Arizona

Posted on: January 6, 2011

Posted by: Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Job Announcement
Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Field Organizer
Based in Tucson, AZ

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence seeks a dynamic field organizer to help build the gun violence prevention movement in key areas of Arizona to build momentum to pass stronger gun laws at the federal level.

Ø Educating key groups and constituencies on gun violence issues using available health and law enforcement data, through meetings, written materials, websites, Facebook and other relevant sources,
Ø Utilize existing national programs, resolutions, timely state legislative issues or gun issues in the news to help recruit new advocates and groups to our issue,
Ø Build and/or utilize local grassroots organizing and communication structures in key legislative districts in Arizona to facilitate the activation of constituents on the gun violence prevention issue supporting federal legislation,
Ø Conduct outreach to key constituencies including Hispanic, college and university students, law enforcement, faith, and victims of gun violence through one-on-one meetings, group meetings, attending community and university/college meetings,
Ø Coordinate activities and share information with other gun violence prevention organizations/structures in the state.

· Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience
· Demonstrated fluency in Spanish
· Professional or volunteer experience in the field of organizing (electoral, union, community, canvassing, etc.)
· Excellent organizational skills
· Excellent interpersonal skills, both one-on-one and in groups
· Excellent written and verbal communication skills
· Good computer skills
· Self-motivated and able to function independently as well as in a team
· Availability for possible weekday evenings and weekends
· Have access to a car, have a valid drivers’ license, and willing to travel in designated project areas
· Physically able to do outreach and carry meeting supplies
· Demonstrated cultural competence
· Commitment to sensible gun laws
· Able and willing to work from home

Brady Campaign is an equal opportunity employer.

I guess the Brady Campaign would disagree with my characterization of constitutional carry as being “sensible”. Too bad.

However, this ad does give a good idea of areas that the Brady Campaign plans to target in an effort to curtail gun rights – college students, Latinos, liberal church groups, and law enforcement.

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  1. Liberty – The money comes from the Joyce Foundation, an organization our President was a board member of.

    Joyce funds all these groups with names but no membership, VPC, LCAV, CAGV, Bradys, etc…

  2. A conspiracist could make a lot out of this job posting two days before the shooting in the same state….

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