WRAL On Gun Rights Legislation In The NC General Assembly This Week

Laura Leslie, Capitol Bureau Chief for WRAL-TV in Raleigh, NC, has a report on some of the gun rights legislation discussed in the North Carolina General Assembly this week. It is a fairly balanced report.

The only objection I have is the attempt to find “man on the street” comments objecting to concealed carry in parks. They interviewed someone in a park in Cary which is just outside Raleigh. Cary has been one of the fastest growing communities in the state for the past couple of decades with significant in-migration from Northern states. Unfortunately, many of the newcomers have brought their Northern attitudes especially towards guns with them. This has led to jokes about Cary standing for Containment Area for Relocated Yankees.

One thought on “WRAL On Gun Rights Legislation In The NC General Assembly This Week”

  1. Yankee: Person from north of Mason Dixon Line.
    Damn Yankee: They move south of said line.
    G*&%#$n Yankee: They vote or run for office.

    I'm firmly of the opinion they should go through a Naturalization process before being allowed to vote or run for office. It should last, say, 8 years?

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