Bitter Rules!

We’re sitting in our room in Pittsburgh watching the local news on KDKA CBS Channel 2 and we hear that “gun rights activists” are upset with a “Pittsburgh institution” just before the NRA Annual Meeting. Of course, we have to listen to this story!

The story is about Primanti Brothers and the picture of the cook wearing a MAIG T-shirt. They interview a higher level manager with the company who says they welcome anyone. He goes on to say that he thinks the cook was “just trying to be friendly” by wearing the MAIG shirt.

They then feature a photo of the Snow Flakes in Hell website. They then intone that the NRA and the website wouldn’t “answer questions” and referred them to the blog.

If anyone thinks that gun bloggers don’t have an impact is wrong. Whether it is Primanti Brothers or Project Gunwalker, gun bloggers brought attention to things that needed that attention. As usual, the media is late to the party.

If you want to hear what Bitter and Sebastian have to say, go here and here. It will make more sense than anything a local TV reporter puts out.

3 thoughts on “Bitter Rules!”

  1. MAIG is attempting to sell itself as being anti-illegal-guns (whatever those are), not anti-gun. What Bitter and Sebastian have done is make a restaurant disassociate itself with MAIG so as not to be seen taking sides, which goes against MAIG's selling point. Primanti Bros doesn't want to be in a fight because they view it as an us vs. them issue, whereas MAIG never wants people to view support of MAIG in that light. So MAIG 0, Snow Flakes In Hell 1.

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