Cam And Tom Gresham On Project Gunwalker And Other Things

Cam Edwards interviewed Tom Gresham of GunTalk on the floor of the NRA Annual Meeting. Among other things, they discussed Project Gunwalker. That is in the latter half of the video.

One thought on “Cam And Tom Gresham On Project Gunwalker And Other Things”

  1. Sorry, Tom, Cam, but I do not "enjoy" my trips to the range. When I go to a firing range I go for a specific purpose, be it maintaining proficiency with my sidearm for security work or developing skill with my .308 to protect kith and kin when the fertilizer hits the wind machine.

    I do not disparage anyone's enjoying shooting. It is just that I myself do not. For me it is only about my duty to my family.

    With all their refusal to do anything substantive during the Sotomayor and Kagan nomination cycles, and their selling out other 2A groups for a tax break, why are the two of you still shilling for the NRA? I cannot understand. The NRA is only about continuing the NRA and not about RKBA.

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