Easy Way To Comment On ATF’s Power Grab

Thanks to reader P.T. we have our own form-letter generator to submit comments to the Office of Management and Budget on the ATF’s proposed multiple rifle sale reporting requirement for the Southwest border states. There is a pre-written letter in the generator which you can modify as you wish.

Please forward this to all your friends, family, and others you know who believe in preserving our gun rights and freedoms. This really is an “Army of Davids” approach to use the Instapundit’s term. Unlike the Brady Campaign and Mayor Bloomberg’s Illegal Mayors, this is a totally grassroots effort done in less than 24 hours. We didn’t need a grant from the Joyce Foundation to put this together!

UPDATE: I have taken down the letter generator as the comment period has now closed. I will check with P.T. to find out the final numbers of submissions.

I want to thank everyone who helped with this little project. First, to P.T. for setting up the account and writing the code. Without this, it couldn’t have been done. Second, to all the bloggers, forums, and organizations that posted a link or put the code up on their own site. Finally, and most importantly, to everyone who submitted comments. Taking the time to submit a comment is what citizen democracy is all about. This was a true grassroots effort for gun rights.

UPDATE II: The final numbers are in. P.T. reports that we had 3,203 submissions to the Office of Management and Budget. We will have to wait until the ATF releases the public comments to see how this number impacts the final count. That said, it had to help counteract the Brady Campaign’s letter generator.

28 thoughts on “Easy Way To Comment On ATF’s Power Grab”

  1. Please fix the punctuation error "firearm's" before everyone sends out the error? Maybe someone should proofread it very carefully before thousands of copies are sent out? Thanks.

  2. Live in DC area, and am well known. This is a wastebasket fire. Feds here totally understand this is not a good time to mess with us.

  3. Reduce drunk driving by making harder for sober people to buy gas. Same backwards logic applies to our republic's senseless firearms laws…

  4. Firearm should read firearms. No punctuation error committed and no apostrophe required. There is no possessive. We are talking about a descriptor modifying the plural noun "dealers".

    However, I agree that proper proof-readong is essential.

    M Kamena, Chairman
    Mayors for 2nd Amendment

  5. This is not the point. The point is that the language of the FOPA restricts the use of the MDF to HANDGUNS. Go read the Law. Then remind them of the Law. I know Chocolate Jesus and the rest of his cabal don't really care about the Law, but it's important that the fact that this arbitrary requirement is NOT in accordance with the provisions of the FOPA is something which needs to be repeated and repeated, until everyone knows it and states it LOUDLY to any ATF employee that they encounter.

  6. Comrade Misfit:
    The program that handles the actual sending of the emails has a stats counter to show me how many submissions were made. So far 2401 comments within the last 48 hours. Unfortunately when I set this up Thursday I did it hastily I didn't think about a way to publicly show off how many comments we have sent. I don't really want to mess with it now that people are using it to comment and accidentally screw something up.

    Thanks for everyone's submissions.

  7. PT, I want to thank you for getting this done.

    John knows, I suspect, how grateful I am (we all are), for his efforts in publicizing this endeavor, but it obviously wouldn't have been possible without your first having set up the actual code.

    Thank you, Patriot.

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