Weakening Amendments For HB 650?

This alert was released this evening by Grass Roots North Carolina. Looks like it is time to contact your state rep and put the fear of God in them about weakening amendments.


House Bill 650, “Amend Various Gun Laws,” passed from the NC House Judiciary C Committee yesterday and heads for a floor vote: Tuesday, June 7. As you may recall, special interest groups have tried to subject the bill to the “death of a thousand cuts” by attacking individual provisions. Nonetheless, HB 650 is still a far-reaching improvement in NC gun laws, including:

  • Castle Doctrine (a strong version comparable to SB 34, which earlier passed the Senate);
  • Permitting concealed handgun permit-holders to have firearms in locked vehicles on educational property;
  • Enabling rifle and shotgun purchases in non-contiguous states beyond NC;
  • Allowing guns in locked vehicles at businesses or places of employment;
  • Reducing issuing times for concealed handgun permits from 90 to 45 days;
  • Reducing penalties for minor CHP violations to civil infractions; and
  • Changing concealed handgun to straight recognition of out-of-state permits;


Thanks to continued anti-gun attacks by House Majority Leader Paul (“Skip”) Stam (R-Wake, GRNC 0-star), sponsor Mark Hilton (R-Catawba, GRNC ****) was forced to limit the “guns-in-locked-vehicles” provision above to concealed handgun permit-holders. It is expected that Stam will further attempt to weaken the bill via floor amendments, meaning you must IMMEDIATELY deliver the message to House members that you WILL NOT tolerate further weakening amendments to the bill.

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