HB 650 – Up For Vote In NC House Tomorrow

The amended HB 650 is calendared for its 2nd and 3rd Readings in the North Carolina State House tomorrow. If it passes, it will beat the crossover deadline of June 9th.

The amended bill includes various amendments to North Carolina’s gun laws plus the Castle Doctrine which was added to the 2nd Edition of HB 650.

Sean at An NC Gun Blog has an in-depth study of each section of the original bill here.

UPDATE: A brief outline of the changes in the bill from the original to the bill up for a vote. Firearms during emergencies has been dropped from the bill and castle doctrine added. Thanks to Sean Sorrentino for outlining the changes.

section 1-3 Castle bill
4- retains wording that says you can have a gun on campus if locked in your vehicle
5 = old section 2
6 = 3
7 = 4
8 is HUGE, rewrites the stupid Mass Death and Destruction law. Now you can own if you own in compliance w/ federal law!
9 more changes to Mass Death and Destruction
10 clarifies law allowing police officers to buy pistols w/out permits.
11 is an Anti-Bloomburg sting law
12 buy long guns out of state
13 parking lot law
14 = old section 9
15 only have to notify officer if he is in the performance of his official duties
16 = old section 10
17 = old section 12
18 = old section 13
19 = old section 14
20 = old section 15
21 = old section 16
22 = old section 17
23 lowers the punishment for not carrying CHP card to an infraction – old section 18 just repealed the punishment entirely
24 = old section 19
25 = old section 20
26 = clarifies that ban on gun ownership and possession during protective order is only in effect if so ordered by court
27 says that guns in places of business is not an OSHA violation and that the Atty General must intervene to protect private owners against OSHA
28 = old section 21
29 says everything starts on DEC 1.

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  1. I looked at the revised bill last night and it looks to be pretty much the same except for section 1. They took out the original section 1 which changed the punishments for weapons on educational property and subbed in a Castle Law that looks a lot like the one they already passed. I've updated my Section 1 post to reflect that.

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