KCRA Television reports that concealed carry permits are up dramatically in Sacramento, California. According to reporter Danielle Leigh, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office has approved more concealed carry permits this year than in the history of the department. While neither she nor the spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office mention it, this is directly attributable to the agreement reached by the Second Amendment Foundation and the CalGuns Foundation with the Sheriff’s Department where “self-defense” is now recognized as showing “good cause”.

The reporter asks the Sheriff’s Department spokesman whether the rise in CCW permits means things are “out of control” and he replies, “I don’t think so.”

There is the obligatory interview with a Brady Campaign representative. Rebecca Gonzales says she is afraid that “gun violence” will go up. The response from the Sheriff’s Department spokesman is that they have never had anyone shot by a  CCW holder and that he hopes that trend continues.

Click on the link below to watch the video report.

Concealed Weapons Permits Up In Sacramento – Video – KCRA Sacramento

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3 thoughts on “Winning”

  1. Sounds like they have a interview process included, based on this report?
    900 with 800 being approved. I hope it swells to 10,000 by next year as the word get's out.
    California holds 1/5th of the population of the country, it is an important State in the fight for freedom!

  2. I think 24 years of data here in Florida says the only people who have ever been shot by CCW holders are the couple of hundred who very richly deserved it.

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