Cam Edwards Doing His Part For Inoculation

Cam Edwards of NRA News and Ed Friedman of NRA HQ took Jim Geraghty of the National Review shooting at the NRA Range. Geraghty has been writing positive articles about the Second Amendment for the National Review for some time. He has also attended a number of NRA Annual Meetings. Despite this background, he was a non-shooter and had never shot a firearm.

Now he has. The best part, in my opinion, is the wide grin on Geraghty’s face after shooting the select fire Uzi in full auto mode. It proves that shooting is fun and nothing that the dour sorts at the various gun prohibitionist groups will say can ever change that fact.

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  1. Updated with correct link. Thanks King.

    I also found I spelled writing as "righting". Jeez! Late evening posts definitely need editing!!! That one was embarrassing.

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