“Spray And Pray” Or Aimed Fire?

The gun prohibitionists would have you believe that any firearm that can fire full-auto is death incarnate. However, as Greg Hickok – Hickok45 – shows in the short video below, aimed deliberate fire is much more effective than “spray and pray”. This is one of the prime reasons that U.S. military changed from the M-16A1 to the M-16A2 which only allowed 3-shot bursts instead of unlimited full-auto fire.

4 thoughts on ““Spray And Pray” Or Aimed Fire?”

  1. That, sir, is _NOT_ an M4.

    Wrong stock, handguards, barrel, upper receiver, lower receiver and fire mode!

    That's an R653.

  2. Results:
    Full Auto: 10% hit ratio (30 rounds, 3 kills)
    Semi Auto: 100% hit ratio (4 of 4)

    …come to think of it, it might be a good thing that FA is so hard to get. It costs more and it's about 1/10th as effective.

  3. The army went to burst fire because of ammo resupply issues. Burst expended less ammo then full auto. Full auto is still very useful when used in controlled bursts. I've used all 3 modes in combat and would take the full auto version every time, even when I have to hump my own ammo without resupply. It all comes down to the same old, same old… Training. Training. Training. Get some!

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