Webinar – Eliminate Hunting & Shooting Travel Hassles

The Professional Outdoor Media Association is sponsoring a free webinar on  Tuesday, September 20th about traveling by air with firearms.

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Sorry sir, you can’t take that trophy rack on board; and the fee to put it in cargo is $150. Ma’am, this gun case does not meet airline standards, we can’t check it. Nope, you cannot bring that firearm back into the U.S.

The U.S. Travel Security Administration (TSA) strictly enforces regulations. Violations can result in criminal prosecution and civil penalties of up to $10,000 per violation. Each airline/country also has its own rules and regs.

What should you do to circumvent big hassles? Act like a Boy Scout. Be prepared so you don’t find yourself in one of these positions or worse.


During a live webinar, Sept. 20, at 2 p.m. Eastern time, North American Hunting Club Executive Director and North American Hunter Television Show Host Bill Miller will teach you how to eliminate travel hassles.

Here’s a sample of what attendees will learn:

1) The most important thing to know about bringing guns back into the U.S.
2) Five measures to help ensure you and your guns/ammo, end up in the same place
3) The best travel gun cases
4) How to book hunting travel (airlines, hotels, etc.)
5) Tips for traveling with trophies and meat
6) Traveling with hunting dogs
7) Requirements for traveling with ammunition

The heaviest focus of the webinar will be on airline travel and crossing borders. However, many tips also apply to interstate travel in private vehicles.

Over 30 years, Miller’s traveled for business and pleasure, to hunt and shoot. He’s traveled to:

• More than 40 states
• Nine Canadian Provinces
• Mexico
• South America
• Africa and
• Europe

Miller’s on the road more than 100 nights a year and 99.9% of the time he’s traveling with firearms, ammunition, game meat, trophy racks and even his hunting dogs. Learn his travel secrets.

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