Bushido Tactical At The SHOT Show

I had never heard of Bushido Tactical until I came across this video by AR15.com.

What really caught my eye is their gun belt with the Cobra buckle. I have a gun belt with this same buckle but have to remove the buckle to get it through the belt loops. The Bushido Tactical gun belt with Cobra buckle is made in such a way that you can twist the buckle sideways and fit it through your belt loops.

According to their website, the belts retail for $59.95. While this is pricey, it isn’t out of line for a good gun belt. I know I paid $50 for a similar belt from Endeavor Stitch Works.

2 thoughts on “Bushido Tactical At The SHOT Show”

  1. I have been to their location in orlando. Everytime I leave seem like I learn something. I highly recommend them, and looking forward to going back and get their holster and belt

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