Don’t You Just Love This Photo!

Alan Gottlieb is holding the check from the City of Chicago in payment for the attorney’s fees from McDonald v. Chicago. It totals $399,950.

I just love seeing the signature of Rahm Emanuel on that check!


6 thoughts on “Don’t You Just Love This Photo!”

  1. Just seeing the signature on that check makes me happy.

    Poor Tiny Dancer! Knowing his name is robo-signed there must be like gargling hot ashes and broken glass for him. 😀

  2. They should have made Daley and each Chicago Alderman/woman sign it. It was their foolish pursuit. They spend their citizens' money so freely; and, sadly, that amount is but a drop in the bucket. Just a handful of police officer salaries.

  3. Who would ever think that the State of Shitago would use Chase bank since Daley's brother was on the board of directors. I knew that as I issued him a citation forcing him to appear in court.

    The croneyism never ends….

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