Bar The Troublemakers!

The Chronicle of Philanthropy just ran a short article entitled “How to Face Down Troublemakers” which dealt with public criticism of non-profits on Facebook or other forums. While most of the respondents said airing criticism was good for the organization, there was one person who didn’t think it was worth his time to allow it.

While the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence once allowed debate on its blogs and Facebook page, it became a burden to keep up with comments that crossed the line, says Ladd Everitt, director of communications. He decided to spend his time doing something more effective and barred negative comments. “It doesn’t help our mission, and it doesn’t help the people who support us,” he says.

Why am I not surprised that Ladd Everitt only believes in free speech for himself and not for others?  As for crossing the line, given how he himself distorts the truth on a daily basis I find his comments hilarious – and not in a good way.

UPDATE: Sean Sorrentino left a very well written and well reasoned comment at The Chronicle of Philanthropy website on their story and Ladd Everitt’s comments. Unfortunately, The Chronicle of Philanthropy is evidently from the same school of thought as Ladd Everitt and Sean’s comments disappeared.

In response (and with Sean’s permission), here is the e-mail he sent them.

Dear Chronicle of Philanthropy,

I left a reasoned, polite, and pointed response on your story of how to deal with “Troublemakers,” where I pointed out that Ladd Everitt was a prize troll himself, and taking advice on how to deal with negative feedback in social media from Ladd was more than a little odd. Did you decide that I was a “troublemaker?” Is pointing out the fact that Ladd is so bad about his online behavior that he got the CSGV Twitter account suspended “causing trouble?”

I respectfully request that you restore my comment.
Sean D Sorrentino

3 thoughts on “Bar The Troublemakers!”

  1. @Sean: Great response left on the Chronicle of Philanthropy's article.

    "In future, unless you are doing a story on how to be the biggest possible jerk online, leave Ladd out of your stories. It makes you look foolish having a professional internet troll telling you how he bans negative comments on his organizations Facebook page."

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