Restaurant Carry Bill Has Committee Hearing On Thursday

The North Carolina State Senate’s Judiciary II Committee will hold hearings tomorrow on HB 111 which would allow concealed carry in restaurants and eating establishments. The bill would not let the person carrying concealed consume alcohol. HB 111 passed the State House over a year ago on March 30, 2011.

10:00 AM 1124 LB
HB 451 DWLR Penalties Increased/Vehicle Seizures
HB 199 Req. DV Victim/List Prior Action Against Def
HB 235 Bonnie’s Law
HB 111 Handgun Permit Valid in Parks & Restaurants

HB 199 will be a PCS re: copper theft
HB 235 will have a PCS re:
HB 111 will have a PCS

Grass Roots North Carolina is asking NC residents to contact their State Senator to urge passage. You can find your Senator here if you don’t already know his or her name.

I am a bit concerned about the notation of a proposed committee substitute (PCS). No text is posted on the General Assembly’s website. Given the recent attempt to hijack a bill about mechanics lien and bond law changes so as to negate the Bateman win, I think a close eye must be kept on this legislation.

UPDATE: Grass Roots North Carolina just sent out an e-mail alert on this bill noting that after if it passes Judiciary II it will then go not to the floor of the Senate but to the Finance Committee.

Republicans Trying to Kill Restaurant Carry?

Plans to send HB 111 to Finance Committee rather than floor.
Could it be that the Republicans who purport to serve you in the NC Senate are more concerned about polls than about your safety in restaurants? It would appear so, in fact so much so that they appear to be playing word games about the fate of HB 111.

Here is the story… A short time ago, folks from the office of Senate President Pro-Tem Phil Berger promised GRNC President Paul Valone that HB 111 would get a hearing in the Senate Judiciary II Committee. This would seem to indicate that it would next be headed to the Senate floor for a vote. BUT HOLD ON… NOT SO FAST! It appears they wish to play both sides of the board. Rather than planning to pass it out to the floor, GRNC has learned that Senate J-II Committee plans to pass it on to the Finance Committee. Now the first reaction among GRNC staff is that Finance would simply be a place where they might be sending HB 111 to die.


Fearing the worst, we have been on the phone with staffers who are now assuring us that this move is being made to keep it alive because all other non-financial committee hearings are about to be shut down for the session. We certainly hope this to be the case. We also feel very strongly that you should contact them and impart your most fervent desire that this is the case. In short tell them that you want HB 111 sent to the Senate Floor for a vote.

Immediate Action Required

Contact the Senate Judiciary II Committee

Cut-and-paste email list of members to contact:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Deliver This Message

Dear Senator:

I will make this short and sweet. I want you to keep the promises you made to Grass Roots North Carolina on HB 111, Restaurant Carry. Send HB 111 to the floor of the Senate and then pass it into law.

I will be watching this matter closely through Grass Roots North Carolina’s alerts.


A Concerned Voter

UPDATE: Sean at An NC Gun Blog has a very good review of the substitute language in HB 111. The bill has been passed out of the Senate Judiciary II committee and will now go before the Finance Committee.

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  1. Just heard that Thom Tillis has told house members who oppose restaurant carry that he has killed the bill in the senate by demanding a fiscal cost evaluation after it passed judiciary ii thereby forcing the bill into the finance committee in the senate. The member who told me this supports our bill but said witout the fiscal evaluation the speaker would rule the bill out of order if it reached the house. The senate leader burger has shutdown committees fir the year making it impossible for us to get a hearing. Call supportive house members and tell them to get Tillis to withdraw the demand for a fiscal cost note and stand up for our 2nd amendment rights!!!

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