They Should Have Left Well Enough Alone

The remake of Red Dawn is scheduled to be released around Thanksgiving. The bad guys this time are the North Koreans instead of the Russians and Cubans. It seems that the producers originally were going to make the Chinese the bad guys but were pressured to make a switch to the North Koreans.

I’m sure it will do decently at the box office. However, as with many things, the original is usually better and Hollywood should have left well enough alone.

5 thoughts on “They Should Have Left Well Enough Alone”

  1. Awesome. It may suck but I'm still going to go see it.

    The explosion at 1:56 was filmed about 3 blocks from my old place in Detroit on Woodward Ave.

    A lot of the city scenes were filed in Detroit as well. The producers wanted that "war zone" look.

    1. @PT: I hate to say it but they picked the right city if they wanted that "war zone" look. Though, East St. Louis would be a contender as well.

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