Defacto Concealed Carry In Edwards County, Illinois

State’s Attorney Mike Valentine of Edwards County, IL is refusing to prosecute residents of that county for carrying concealed firearms so long as they are otherwise law-abiding citizens. Moreover, it looks like other Illinois State’s Attorneys might be joining the bandwagon.

But Bloomington’s McLean County, population 170,000, may soon announce a similar policy.

State’s Attorney Ronald Dozier told us he’s already sent a legal memo to other Illinois prosecutors explaining his belief that it’s unconstitutional to ban the carrying of loaded firearms in public. Some are outraged.

The usual suspects are “outraged” but a spokesperson for Attorney General Lisa Madigan says that they “are not the boss of state’s attorney” noting that they are independently elected.

According to the FoxChicago story, one Chicago area state house member, State Rep. La Shawn Ford (D-Chicago) is proposing a Faustian alternative. He would agree to let individual counties set their own policy regarding concealed carry in exchange for banning “assault weapons”.

If I were an Illinois resident I would tell Mr. Ford that his Devil’s pact doesn’t cut it. Not only would it ban the most popular rifle in America but it would create a patchwork of conflicting laws designed to snare the unwary. There is a reason most states have state pre-emption statutes.

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  1. "He would agree to let individual counties set their own policy . . ."

    Who the hell is he to "agree"? If the law makes the States Attorney boss, then that's the way it is.

    1. Exactly what I was thinking, he thinks just because he is in Chicago he runs the whole state and our independently elected

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