How Much Training Has Changed….And Hasn’t

This FBI video from 1969 called “Shooting for Survival” illustrates how much has changed in the world of training. They are shooting what appears to be S&W .38 Special revolvers in the first few scenes and are shooting one-handed. The only two-handed grip you see, for the most part, is a tea-cup.

That said, shooting from cover and concealment is as important now as it was then. They do a good job of showing the effective use of cover and the importance of keeping your limbs covered. They also show how to protect yourself from ricochets.

H/T Packing Pretty

2 thoughts on “How Much Training Has Changed….And Hasn’t”

  1. Love the giant radio the police officer is carrying.

    My dad was a police officer and did use ricochet shooting to take a perp down once. Car doors are not effective coverage.

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