Misleading Headline Of The Day

Headlines can be misleading. You might think it means one thing and the author meant something entirely different. A prime example would be this headline which most definitely qualifies for the misleading headline of the day award.

MILF Rebels Want To Keep Guns
The average American guy steeped in popular culture is probably thinking this.
Unfortunately, the MILF rebels that the headline refers to are these guys.
WTF?! Those aren’t MILFs. Actually they are. They are from the Moro Islamic Liberation Front which is fighting in the southern Philippines.
From the article:

SULTAN KUDARAT, Philippines – After watching two of his brothers die
during four decades of fighting in the southern Philippines, Muslim
rebel Abdulhamid Ganalan feels a planned peace deal could be surrender.

Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) leaders are set to sign an
accord with the government on Monday that will aim to end the rebellion
by 2016, but the guerrilla said he and his subordinates did not want to
give up their arms.

“I will not agree. That is like full surrender,” Ganalan told AFP
from inside Camp Darapanan, the MILF’s administrative headquarters, when
asked whether he would lay down his weapons as part of a peace accord.

The moral of the story is that headlines can be misleading and that fantasies are just that – fantasies.

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    1. I really wasn't trolling for readers. The headline made me laugh and the pictures merely were a juxtaposition between fantasy and reality.

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