Oh, Noes!

In an anti-gun editorial today in the Herald News of Woodland Park, New Jersey, the editors urge Gov. Chris Christie to unite with governors of other states to make it tougher to purchase firearms. They say it won’t be an easy task as they express their dismay about pro-rights moves by other states.

We realize it’s no easy task. Ohio Gov. John Kasich signed a law last
year to allow people to carry concealed weapons into bars and other
places that serve alcohol, joining Arizona and Tennessee. Gov. Bobby
Jindal of Louisiana signed a law in 2010 allowing guns into houses of
worship. North Dakota, Texas, Maine and a raft of other states allow
employees to bring a gun to work as long as it stays locked in the car.
The Wisconsin Senate now allows members to carry guns on the floor,
while the state Assembly allows guns in the public viewing galleries.

The thought that some states actually recognize that law enforcement can’t be everywhere and realize that responsible citizens should be allowed to provide for their own self-protection is beyond comprehension to them. It shouldn’t be given that they just had a cop in that town indicted yesterday on attempted sexual assault on underage girls but it is.

2 thoughts on “Oh, Noes!”

  1. This tidbit is an excellent example of why I say we need to fight the word "allow."
    The government doesn't 'allow' you to attend the church of your choice, nor do they 'allow' newspapers to print anti-rights editorials. Those are rights. A right can't be 'allowed' by the government, they can only be infringed by them. I've written about this several times. Here's a link:

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