If You Are “Better Than This”, Why Lie?

The Brady Campaign has just released a new public service announcement featuring celebrities including Mark Ruffalo, Mariska Hargitay, Rosanne Cash, Liev Schrieber, and Anthony LaPaglia. It features their “We Are Better Than This” slogan.

What this PSA doesn’t feature is the truth. When Liev Schrieber says that anyone can go on the Internet and buy as many guns as they want without background checks, that is not only misleading but a lie. When Anthony LaPaglia says convicted felons and the mentally ill can go to a gun show and buy guns, it is misleading. Dealers who operate at gun shows do NICS checks just like dealers in storefronts. Why would a felon risk going to a gun show where there is always a police presence (and probably undercover agents as well) when he or she could get a stolen gun from one of their criminal associates.

10 thoughts on “If You Are “Better Than This”, Why Lie?”

    1. Nope! They are all "B list" or lower celebs. It also means you have a life that doesn't revolve around TV and People Magazine. In other words, you live in the real world.

  1. funny that alot of those "stars" carry and use guns in their movies and tv shows, many of which are VIOLENT shows, but I don't see any of them giving up their earnings or residuals in favor of this "problem". Perhaps they need to be called out . . .

    -Dirk Diggler

  2. Technical Correction, John. Here in Ohio, I can go to the Gun Show, set up a Table or two, load it with Firearms, put up a "Not a Dealer" sign, and "Cash Only!" and do business all day long. The only Law I need to comply with as far as Gun Control is that I have to see a Valid State-Issued I.D. that has Proof of Ohio Residence on it. And 21 0r Older for Pistols. I've been a Buyer and a Seller. Only those who have an FFL and/or a Brick and Mortor Store need to fill out 4473s, call up NICS, etc. But NOT Private Citizens.

    Heck, I have a retired Friend who cruises the Yard Sales up here all summer long, and he's found some nice old Guns sitting next to the "George Forman Grills" and old Golf Clubs that seem to be all over the place in our neck of the woods.

    I'm sure there are other States out there that have the same kind of Laws.

    So, if some Evil Bad Guy wants to take a Product off my Table, I'm NOT Responsible for what he does with it afterwards. And I have no way to see if he is allowed to buy one in the First Place, since it's not my Job to run a Police Background Check.

    So, others may call it a "Gun Show Loophole." I call it Capitalism.

    1. Be careful about selling "too many" guns. The ATF could charge you with dealing without a licence. That rule is open to the interpretation of the particular agent.

    2. Echoing Robert Fowler, if your retired Friend is buying those guns with the intention of re-selling them, he's a dealer, and no ATF agent interpretation is needed, that's a white line violation of the law.

    3. Here in IN, I was at a gunshow and found something I wanted on a table selling out an estate. Cash and carry, no tax, no 4473, he didn't ask me my name, I didn't ask him his. Good thing I'm a "proper person", because that one just disappeared into the wilderness.

  3. These people are lying.
    When buying a gun over the internet, you have to have it shipped to a dealer
    who holds a federal firearms lisence, and who is required to run a background check
    before handing over the weapon. If you are a felon, he won't hand over the weapon.

    So theres no way a criminal could get a weapon from the internet….. without breaking the law.
    Criminals don't do that, do they ?

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