Sen. Richard Burr’s Response To Obama’s Call For Gun Control

Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) is the senior senator from North Carolina and has been on the correct side of gun rights for years. He released the statement below rejecting Obama’s call for gun control. It is short, sweet, to the point, and unequivocal. I’m glad to see at least one senator from the Tar Heel State stands behind the Second Amendment.

I will fight any effort to further infringe on the Second Amendment rights of American citizens, whether it is legislation or executive action by the President. I am open to having a conversation about ways in which our nation can address mental health issues and reduce violence, but I will not stand by while the President and others try to restrict the rights of law-abiding American citizens.

7 thoughts on “Sen. Richard Burr’s Response To Obama’s Call For Gun Control”

  1. Now's the time to call Sen. Burr's office and thank him. Also this will reinforce our stance, and that we're closely following our legislators.

  2. Please explain how universal background checks for all gun buyers infringe on the Second Amendment rights of American citizens. Preventing felons and mentally unstable people from obtaining guns has nothing to do with abridging law-abiding citizens gun rights. Senator Burr does not even state what issues in the legislation with which he has a problem. 90% of the American public agree with universal background checks. Who is Senator Burr representing and listening to? Even if he objects to everything in the proposed legislation, let it come to a vote on the floor of the Senate. Filibustering is the coward's way. If you don't believe in something, stand up and be counted, Senator Burr. Don't hide behind a filibuster!

    1. 90% of the American people want GMO labeling,universal background checks infringe on your ability to give a gun as a gift or heirloom to a family member, or loan a gun to a friend. And I seriously doubt 90% of Americans agree.I doubt even90)% of Democrats agree

    2. First, there are already background checks in place every time you buy a gun. The reason why gun owners do not want universal background checks is it will allow the government to compile lists of citizens owning weapons. The government has no business compiling lists of any sort on ordinary citizens who want to exercise their second amendment rights or any other right for that matter. Do you want a good lesson on how this very type of thing works. Then first check out how the Nazis took over the German government and slowly took away the rights of their people in a very similar, insidious fashion. See how this very thing worked out for those in the UK, Australia and Canada. Invasive background checks will only accomplish having a system set in place for the government to disarm the citizens of the U.S. Extensive background checks would not have prevented Sandy Hook, Columbine, etc. Oh and btw, no felons can legally purchase a weapon and most mentally ill people aren't criminally insane so those who are "ticking time bombs" won't get stopped with this type of background check either. There are many mentally ill people in the U.S. so who is going to decide which ones will be allowed a weapon and which won't? This is the government's way to spy on their citizenry plain and simple.

  3. Jerk votes to let this piece of crap out of committee ???!!!! If this dung does somehow pass (and it can), as God is my judge I will make Richard 'Dick' Burr my mission in life. I will donate money, time, whatever to see his political career ended. I have supported this man for years and I don't care what reason he had for this because there IS NO GOOD REASON. Background checks DO NOTHING to stop crime. Period, end of story. The Anonymous comment above is EXACTLY correct. Criminals avoid them and unless you have been committed by a court order you don't meet the definition of 'mentally ill'. Progressives don't care about any of that. It is ALL about control/power.

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