Trouble In Paradise?

An observant reader sent me a link to a new job posting for the Brady Campaign. The posting which appeared on Saturday says that they are seeking a “Chief Campaigns Officer”. He wondered if they were dissatisfied with Dan Gross and cutting him loose after less than a year on the job.

The ad says they are seeking someone with 10 plus years of “senior-level experience” in ” politics, community organizing, political advocacy, nonprofit management, and/or communications.” They want the same amount of experience in staff management along with the usual strong interpersonal skills, organizational skills, etc. Of course, they want a commitment to the mission of the Brady Campaign.

From the position summary and responsibilities:

Position Summary

Senior level decision maker within the organization responsible for
overseeing the organization’s member and constituent engagement, policy
and public health and safety programs. This position works closely with
senior staff and consultants.


Member/Constituent Engagement

  • Set and direct objectives for the director of legislation and mobilization to engage the American public.
  • Grow the membership of the organization and ensure high level of member activity in advocacy and fundraising activities.
  • Coordinate member engagement with the development department.

Policy Program

  • Set and direct objectives for the director of legislation and
    mobilization and the director of the legal action project related to
    passing and protecting policy.
  • Effectively represent the perspective of the American public in policy conversations at the federal level.
  • Provide resources to state level chapters regarding policy at the state level.

Public Health and Safety Education Program

  • Design and guide public education campaigns and the promotion of those campaigns federally and at the state level.
  • Effectively operate the legal action project.

I’ll be honest in that I can’t quite figure out if they are replacing Dan Gross or adding the equivalent of an ILA’s Chris Cox to the overall NRA’s Wayne LaPierre.

Some of the duties such as setting objectives and directing both the director of legislation and the director of the legal action project belong, in my opinion, to Dan Gross as president of the Brady Campaign. Or, it could be that flush with a reported $5 million in donations, they are seeking to expand their lobbying efforts.

Regardless of whether this is a Dan Gross replacement or an addition to their lobbying efforts, it still will not be enough to allow them to regain their place at the head of the gun prohibitionist table as it is increasingly obvious that Mayor Bloomberg and his Illegal Mayors have pushed them aside.

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