Remington Takes A Stand

Remington has set up a new website that allows people to send a prepared email regarding gun control efforts to elected officials at the national and state level. The website called “Take A Stand Now” also has a way to send a selection of prepared Tweets to your senators and congressman.

This brings to four the number of firearms and ammo manufacturers who have provided an easy way to send a pro-gun rights message to the White House, Congress, and the State Houses.

I used it to send out the pre-written message on Saturday morning. I received a personal email from State Senator Jim Davis (R-Macon) by that afternoon. My point is that the message does get through.

9 thoughts on “Remington Takes A Stand”

  1. Giving me a way to communicate with my reps that is already provided by others isn't what I would call Taking a Stand. Let's see them actually put some skin in the game like LaRue, Olympic and others.

  2. Agreed. Remington needs to take a stronger stand ESPECIALLY IN NEW YORK! They need to up and move all manufacturing to the State in which they are legally HQ'd – North Carolina. Their NC HQ is in an area that would welcome them with open arms and the entire state of NC (from citizens, to legislature, to Governor) would roll out the Red Carpet for them. Please send a message to the Constitution and business tramplers in NY and MOVE NOW! NC eagerly awaits!

    1. Remington, Glock, Sig and the other large manufactures may very well have multi-year contracts or other legal obligations with New York's myriad agencies. They probably cannot leave with the ease of the others.

      Let's not Zumbo them quite yet.

    2. Beretta is a large manufacturer who is at least in the process of stepping up:

      Beretta Threatens to Leave Maryland if New Gun Control is Passed

      Beretta’s future in Maryland tied to state’s gun-control debate

  3. If you have been reading Jim Shepherd's commentary in the Shooting/Outdoor Wires, you will have seen his comments about boycotts by companies of New York State. For the publicly traded companies, fiduciary duty may well prevent them from doing something like this. In other words, you open yourself up to a shareholder suit if you cut out a big customer for political but not business reasons. I think he's correct on that. Remington and the Freedom Group are not public companies but it is being shopped. Likewise their investors could view anything that cuts sales as a breach of fiduciary duty.

  4. John – it is a business reason. They can't please fascist gun grabbers and their larger buying public.
    Also, the fascist gun grabbers want to sue them into oblivion anyway, and we are their only protection from that legal threat.
    Stop making excuses for what is no more than plain cowardice.

    1. I'm not making excuses but as an investment advisor I do understand fiduciary responsibility and the consequences of breach of duty. While you and I might consider it a business reason, I think some investors as well as the courts could very well consider it a political reason. I don't think they want to be caught up in a legal mess.

  5. Dear Remington, Glock, Smith & Wesson and Sig Saur
    Let it be known that I take my 1st and 2nd Amendment rights seriously. I will speak out against anyone and any business that threatens either. I will speak with my voice, computer and MONEY. I WILL NOT DO BUSINESS with ANY person or company that supports or does business with those who would attack my Constitutional Rights. To be clear, I won't buy your products while you do business with or have management facilities or manufacturing facilities in those States that have attacked my rights.

    Because, it's my money, I'll spend it with people who support the Second Amendment.

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