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From Ann Althouse’s blog in a discussion of the woman who knelt by the body of the British soldier who had just been murdered by two radical Muslims. The discussion also asked where were the men.

That was a Brit thing. She could not act any better than she was trained
to act. But she will courageously take flowers to the funeral.

An American mother would have grabbed a gun and shot the attacker with a high capacity magazine until it was empty.

The British cops also just stood around waiting for their firearms unit to arrive. Perhaps, just perhaps, if someone had come to the aid of the soldier when he was getting stabbed and before he was beheaded, he might be “in hospital” recovering from his wounds.

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  1. The whole thing sickens me. How does a society become so beaten into submission that people willingly stand around and do nothing when a man is murdered? I fear my own country is heading down the same road…but we aren't there yet, and something like this would not happen uninterrupted in my presence.

    1. @Richard: I agree wholeheartedly with you. I spent 6 months in the UK doing a semester abroad in 1978. I could not imagine the people I met then just standing by for this. I think of all the simple things someone could have used to attack the attackers from an umbrella to a trash can lid to even a rolled up magazine and yet no one did a damn thing.

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