ISRA Warns Of Attempt To Hijack Illinois CCW Bill

The Illinois State Rifle Association just issued an urgent alert regarding attempts by Senate President John Cullerton (D-Chicago) and Sen. Dan Kotowski (D-Park Ridge) to hijack the compromise concealed carry bill, S 2193, that was passed overwhelmingly in the Illinois House. Cullerton went on record immediately after the bill passed the House condemning it because it removed home-rule exceptions in Illinois firearms laws.

From ISRA:


Senate gun grabbers John Cullerton, Dan Kotowski and Kwame Raoul were busy this holiday weekend constructing a plan to derail the passage of concealed carry legislation.

As most of you know, House Speaker Madigan and Rep. Phelps last week hammered out a concealed carry bill (SB2193) that passed the House with 85 votes. Although the bill was not 100% of what law-abiding Illinois gun owners were hoping for, SB2193 serves as a good baseline for the institution of state-wide personal protection measures.

As expected, anti-gun extremists in the Illinois Senate went to work immediately with a plan to shut down SB2193 when it came over from the House. Based on what the ISRA has learned, Cullerton-Kotowski-Raoul have come up with a bill of their own that would have so many exemptions that concealed carry permits would be impossible to get. Furthermore, there are reportedly so many restrictions in their proposal that, even if you were fortunate enough to be granted a carry permit, there would be very few areas where you would be able to carry legally. Of course, the places where concealed carry would be the most necessary are exempted in the Cullerton-Kotowski-Raoul “no carry” plan.

One thing is for certain, Senate President John Cullerton has refused to allow Sen. Forby to call SB2193 for a vote in the Senate – effectively killing the bill.

We are not 100% sure as of yet what the Cullerton-Kotowski-Raoul bill number will be. We think it will come as an amendment to HB0183.


1. Immediately call your Illinois Senator and politely tell the person on the phone that you are a law-abiding Illinois gun owner and that you oppose Senate President Cullerton’s attempts to hijack concealed carry. Politely tell the person that you expect the Senator to vote against any concealed carry proposal Cullerton tries to advance. If you do not know who your Illinois Senator is, click this link:

Illinois State Board of Elections

2. Please pass this alert on to your family and friends, ask them to make calls as well.

3. Please post this alert to any and all Internet bulletin boards or blogs to which you belong.

REMEMBER: The fate of concealed carry is in your hands!

UPDATE: More on the behind the scenes machinations of the gun prohibitionists in the Illinois State Senate from the Facebook page of IL-Gunlobby.

..Call your senator today and tell them to oppose HB183 amend 4

The senate dems met for a 2 hour caucus that devolved into a a shouting match amoung senators.

The President is refusing to allow Senator Forby to call the house carry bill. Instead they are going to offer an amendment to their bill that takes most of the parts of the House bill but then strips out the safe harbor provisions, any private property can ban firearms on their property all they want. .

They will remove restaurant carry and increase penalties for carrying while intoxicated to a class A misdemeanor.

They will also whittle down the preemption to only apply to carrying. But unclear if that applies to mags, ammunition and other things or not.

We could see an amendment late tonight with a committee hearing in the AM but unsure as these clowns don’t seem to be very organized

More as we get it

4 thoughts on “ISRA Warns Of Attempt To Hijack Illinois CCW Bill”

  1. You don't actually want that bill to pass, it's a trojan horse. Read the Calguns thread on it, it's seriously horrible (other than the preemption). Let the IL Senate kill it.

  2. They don't want ANY bill to pass guys. They're not in a place (policy wise) where there is any "zone of possible agreement" between the two sides. The Dems are quite content to leave it to the counties. They want carry laws to be bad – that is their desired outcome. They get to keep Cook County no issue, and the rest of the state will be a patchwork of legal traps waiting to turn the normal citizen into a felon. The way out of this is for no bill to pass the legislature and the rest of the counties in the state to pass uniform ordinances – like the UCC is to commercial business. Unlike the UCC which was top down, this will have to be built bottom up and the NRA and other civil rights organizations can play a decisive part in organizing and drafting the legislation. Indeed kill the Senate bill, just be aware of what victory looks like (at least for now).

  3. I would love to see it go and have all of us do what the gangs do every day and when the crime drops and a few gang members are in the ground see them explain it. But that's not going to be Cullerton Kotowski and Raoul and let's not forget all the Chicago politicians will get there way again. I said it in December its all ways like this that's how we ended up with the law we have for most of my life in the first place. But you need to see how it is the politicians don't go after the gangs. Simple they pay them every time they go to jail they bond out and that's the last of it. So the state gets to keep the money and pays all the company's for service. And who owns them. And let's not forget if they went after the gangs that shoot back with bullets unlike us law abiding that do it this way. There is money to be made! And criminals don't care what they do. And the politicians don't care one bit about us! And they have so many believing that all who own guns are a danger that we can't compete with the media. This country is in big trouble because of politicians and the media I see the day when we lose our rights and have to hide weapons. The people are going to let it happen and then will see who runs the country. When a president won't hold his hand over his hart solute the our flag that should tell you something. And as for the constitution he thinks it a out dated plus it never serves them. Way to many are willing to follow him like the piper.

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